Check out this Best Buy exclusive Animal Crossing gift set, now available for pre-order

Who doesn’t love good Animal Crossing merchandise? Since the release of New Horizon a little over a year ago, there have been a lot of great goodies and goodies to pick up for the franchise. Here’s another item to add to your wishlist, along with the Culture Fly Animal Crossing Gift Box pre-order at Best Buy!

Currently, this special Animal Crossing gift box is only available at Best Buy in the United States. But, for $ 50, you’ll get a lot of really cool stuff on Animal Crossing. With coasters, a glass and an ice cube maker, you can make yourself a great air conditioning themed drink very quickly. Put on your new Animal Crossing cap and socks and relax outside in nice spring weather. Also bring this mini bluetooth speaker! Finally, there’s a New Horizons-themed journal, which should be perfect for keeping notes on your favorite villagers.

I am honestly surprised at how much this collector’s box contains! The MSRP of $ 50 might seem a bit steep at first, but once you look at what it’s all packed, you get a pretty good deal. Many of these items are also functional, unlike many gift boxes which are just many small items to collect dust. Everything is good to use with this box!

The Animal Crossing Collector’s Box has yet to be released, but the Best Buy store page says it will release on May 2. Get your pre-order for some neat loot for you or a loved one!

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