Carrathool Shire Launches Gift Card Program To Try To Keep Money In The Area | News from the region

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Carrathool Shire Council is launching a new gift card in an effort to prevent more money earned in the city from coming out. The “Why Leave Town Gift Card” program is an extension of last year’s “Shop Local” campaign, aimed at encouraging residents to shop in the city rather than online or in other major cities. The program is well advanced and companies are invited to participate in the deployment. The cards are currently in printing and will be available in the next 3-4 weeks. Mayor Cr. Darryl Jardine explained that “The Why Leave Town gift card program is a great idea that will benefit our local businesses by encouraging people to shop locally. “” There is no additional charge for businesses to participate, and the gift card program can also accommodate merchants who do not have EFTPOS facilities. Economic Development Officer John Randall explained the concept in more detail. “It’s about keeping retail spending in the county… How we’re located, a lot of our money is spent outside the county, so we brought in Why Leave Town to keep it here. You know, they can be giveaways, you can use as a raffle prize or a sports prize, ”he said. READ MORE“ The problem with the big major chains is that they’re all based out of the county, we so let’s give people the option of getting a Why Leave Town Carrathool gift card instead and they can spend it almost anywhere here. ”Mr Randall added that they had received responses from retailers and cafes as they expected, but had also heard from hairdressers and mechanics who wanted to be included. Mayor Jardine ended by adding: “I encourage everyone, both clients and businesses. cards can currently be purchased online s ur and will soon be available in select storefronts. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how to access our trusted content:


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