Candy-Free Easter Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Easter is April 17 this year and before you panic, take a deep breath. Pour some tea or coffee and check out these stress-free, candy-free Easter gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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Candy-Free Easter Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

When it comes to filling Easter baskets, my plan is pretty simple. Three or four things they might like and at least one game they can share together. I congratulate myself when I manage to squeeze in several objects intended to be shared between them or with the whole family.

For the youngest in the house, this children’s tent by Mustard Seed Toys is an excellent choice. They come in multiple colors, include a pocket to hold books inside, and are quite sturdy. After all, my youngest is definitely “too big” for this, but he didn’t collapse on him when he played in it.

a mustard seed toy tent easter idea

When it comes to gifts the whole family can enjoy together, look no further than Nintendo Switch games! The most recent is Kirby and the Forgotten Land and it’s as fun to play as it is adorable. Kirby and the Forgotten Land waste no time showing off its expansive backdrops, colorful world, and awesome graphics. It’s unlike anything seen in the past Kirby Games. Putting all that aside, the gameplay itself is ridiculously fun and engaging, making it almost impossible to walk away. What HAL Laboratory has created here is a must-have game for fans.

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For readers, the Tristan Strong series. The Tristan Strong series is a great gateway into the stories of African American folk heroes and West African gods. In this epic conclusion to the trilogy, Tristan Strong faces his nemesis, King Cotton, once and for all. Shocking twists, glorious triumphs, and an unforgettable cast of characters make this series conclusion as satisfying as it is entertaining.

Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky review

Anyone else a Funko fanatic? Funko’s Marvel Battle World is a game that also lets avid fans collect more of their favorite characters, in mini form. Marvel Battleworld can be played solo or with others, as you come up with strategies to defeat bad guys, save heroes, and ultimately show Thanos who’s boss. Funko’s latest Mega Pack features everyone’s favorite god of mischief – Frost Giant Loki.

Marvel Battleworld game review

Looking to surprise your spouse or another adult with something fun. Things…Schitts Creek is a must. Schitt’s Creek is hands down one of my favorite shows. The suitcase box opens with a copy of the town’s billboard “Welcome to Schitt’s Creek, where it all fits”. It also comes with stickers of the main characters, a Rosebud Motel key, a tropical cafe sign and pink apothecary stickers. With nearly 200 cards, it never gets old and even if you can’t remember the show word for word, you’ll still have fun finding answers.

things schitts creek

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