Binance Gift Card Marketplace—Give the Gift of Crypto for Free


Binance’s gift card feature is a convenient way to gift cryptocurrency to others at no additional cost. Binance offers gift cards for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. After purchasing a Binance Gift Card and sending it to the person of your choice, the recipient can redeem the gift card to receive funds in their Binance Wallet.

One of the great things about Binance Gift Cards is that you can send them to anyone, even people who don’t have a Binance account, via email or SMS. If they choose to create a Binance account, you will earn a referral commission.

Send Crypto Gift Cards on Binance

Binance Gift Cards offer a very convenient way to give away crypto. Here are some usage ideas:

  • Send cryptocurrency worldwide with no transaction fees
  • Introduce your friends or family members to the world of crypto
  • Reward your employees for their excellent work

Binance Gift Card Marketplace

Binance recently updated its gift card service by introducing the gift card marketplace, which you can find in the official Binance mobile app. Along with the revamped marketplace, users can now access three new features.

Fixed Value Gift Cards

Fixed value gift cards allow you to load gift cards with specific cryptocurrencies by paying with stablecoins like BUSD and USDT, or fiat currency. So, instead of the value of the gift card being denominated in crypto (e.g. 1 BNB), the value is denominated in fiat currency or stablecoins (e.g. 100 BUSD).

An example would be creating a BNB gift card redeemable for 100 BUSD worth of BNB. Instead of using your BNB to create the gift card, you would load it with 100 BUSD. Then, when the recipient wants to use the gift card, they will receive 100 BUSD of BNB according to the current market rate.

Fixed value gift cards are a good way to prevent price volatility from having a big impact on the value of the gift card you send. Essentially, it protects the value of the gift card from a drop in cryptocurrency prices. However, using a fixed value gift card also means that the gift card will not have the opportunity to appreciate its value.

Gift cards with cashback

Some gift cards on the Gift Card Marketplace have a “cashback” label. If you purchase such a gift card, you will receive a cashback reward. These gift cards are only available during promotional campaigns, and each user can only purchase one cashback gift card per campaign.

If you buy a cashback gift card, the cashback will be sent to you in the form of a gift card. If you wish, you can save these cash back rewards to purchase additional gift cards in the future.

Gift Card Mystery Box

A gift card mystery box gives you the chance to receive a gift card worth a multiple of your entry fee. By opening the Mystery Box received, you will receive a gift card with a value at least equal to your participation fee.

Mystery Box campaigns are available for a limited time. If you wish, you can pay an entry fee to participate in the campaign and receive a gift card mystery box. Then you can open the Mystery Box you received for a chance to win a multiple of your entry fee. In any case, you can redeem the gift card received for at least as much as your participation fee.

How do I access the Binance Gift Card Market?

To access the Binance Gift Card Marketplace, open your Binance app and tap your user profile icon.

Then select “Gift Card” from the menu that opens.

Binance App Gift Card

You will be greeted by the home screen of the Binance Gift Card Market. You can use the navigation bar below to access the different Marketplace features.

Binance Gift Card Market

Buy gift cards

In the “Store” section, you can buy a gift card. If you want to personalize the gift, you can choose from a wide variety of “Themed Gift Cards” to choose a theme that will suit your recipient perfectly. You can “tie” any cryptocurrency supported by Binance to a themed gift card.

Binance Themed Gift Card

There are also “tokenized gift cards”, which feature the brand of specific tokens, such as BNB or Tether. These gift cards can be a good idea if the recipient is a fan of a certain cryptocurrency.

Binance Token Gift Card

To purchase a gift card, simply select the crypto or fiat currency you wish to gift and enter the amount. You can create gift cards for virtually any cryptocurrency listed on Binance. When it comes to fiat currencies, however, the selection is more limited. Here is an example of what it looks like when you create a gift card for BNB.

Buy a gift card on Binance

Redeem a gift card

If someone sent you a Binance gift card, you can use it in the “Redeem” section. Two options are available. You can either choose to redeem the gift card for the assets represented by the gift card or cash out the gift card instantly in fiat currency.

Redeem a gift card on Binance

The bottom line

With its new Gift Card Marketplace, Binance offers a fun, cost-free way to send cryptocurrency to others, whether they already have an account on Binance or not. You can send personalized gift cards that can be redeemed for cryptocurrencies, and the platform supports hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. If you wish, you can protect the value of the gift card against market volatility by expressing its value in stable assets such as BUSD or USDT.

To make the deal more enjoyable, the market also offers special activities such as cashback gift cards and gift card mystery boxes, which can give you additional rewards.

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