Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples 2022: Last-minute gifts

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Professing your love with a card or a bouquet of flowers can be a great start, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts couples really want, there are plenty of new ideas to choose from. and your partner can enjoy together without envelope.

From a digital cooking class to a smart soundbar that will literally improve your winter nights, the best new gift ideas for couples are easy to love and order online.

Below, we’ve found some of our favorite gifts to surprise someone special on February 14, or to give each other on a birthday or special occasion. And, of course, if you’re shopping for the best Valentine’s Day gifts just for your loved one this year, we’ve got you covered too.

What are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for couples?

From a digital subscription that puts a new spin on date nights to a new turntable that audiophiles will appreciate, here are some of the coolest (last minute) Valentine’s Day gifts for couples.

1. MasterClass subscription

Master class

The best whole-home digital subscription, MasterClass has a large library of classes couples can stream together, from design classes by Kelly Wearstler to a modern Italian cooking class led by Massimo Bottura. Subscriptions start at just $15 per month.

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Master Class subscription

2. Concert Tickets: Popping Seats


Melinda Nagy –

Want to really surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day? Find a concert near you (or fit it into your next vacation) and win tickets to a show. It’s easy to plan ahead and call the venue for tickets ahead of time, but we also trust sites like Vivid Seats for a safe and easy way to buy concert tickets online.

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Concert tickets
lively seats

3. Sonos Beam soundbar


His bone

Sometimes all you want to do is stay home and watch Netflix and HBO Max on the couch. But even if you’ve invested in a nicer 4K TV, you still need a better speaker system to go along with it. Enter the Sonos Beam, a voice-activated smart soundbar that can deliver stereo sound in a compact design. Beam can even connect to other Sonos speakers for a full sound experience that’s controllable from your phone.

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Sonos beam

4. Airbnb online experience



Maybe you won’t be able to make it to Italy this year, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take that cooking class you’ve always wanted to take. Airbnb makes it easy to try something new for a date with its online experiences. Similar to booking a vacation rental, simply select your desired date and number of guests and you’re scheduled for an online experience. We tried the Airbnb “Pasta with Grandmas” experience in person, and the recipes we learned have become a staple of the evening ever since. Don’t forget the wine.

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Airbnb online experience
Various awards

5. Tempo Move Exercise System

Displacement tempo


For the couple who enjoy working out together, you’ll want to add the small and sleek Tempo Move to your home gym.

A small but sleek exercise system, the Move uses Tempo’s excellent trainer-led workout routines in a more compact unit that looks like a modern side table. The Move is similar to popular Tempo bundled systems, but instead of a built-in screen, you connect it directly to your TV using your iPhone. To use the Move, you place your smartphone on top of the device, also called Core, and select from Tempo’s extensive library of workouts.

The Move has built-in storage for sets of connected weight plates and dumbbells, which the Move can track using a 3D sensor. In other words, you can get feedback on things like your form and how many reps you have left during your workouts.

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Displacement tempo

6. Aesop Skincare Gift Sets

Aesop Gift Kits


Best thing to do after booking a spa day. An easy way to make your home feel like a luxury hotel is to stock up on high-end body lotions and washes, like this kit from Aesop. Four products are included in this gift set, including a hand balm, cleanser, body wash, and body balm, all with fresh, invigorating scents ranging from bark concentrate to citrus blend .

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Aesop Gift Box

7. Plan future vacations: and


Appropriate hotels

Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to plan your next trip? Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Palm Springs (book a relaxing stay at, say, Korakia and its must-have couples massage), or you both want to hear some live music in Austin (check into the Proper or Hotel San Jose), book a room in advance for a long weekend and call them for nearby recommendations to help you plan parts of your itinerary.

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Hotel reservations

8. Maude Drop External Personal Massager

Maude Drop


Maude’s well-designed full-body drop massager vibrates at three different speeds at the press of a button. It can last up to two hours when fully charged, and it’s easy to recharge with an included USB cable. Thanks to its platinum and FDA grade silicone, the water-resistant Drop is also very soft against your skin. Plus, it comes in a small carry pouch with a zipper that’s easy to store or put in a bag.

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Maude drop

9. Pro-Ject A1 Automat turntable



For couples who enjoy collecting vinyl together, the new Pro-Ject A1 Automat turntable is one of the best turntable releases of the year (so far). It’s the brand’s first fully automatic record player, and it makes it easier for audiophiles to listen to their favorite records anywhere in the house. With a built-in phone preamp and a minimal amount of cables, you can easily hook it up to a speaker system like the Sonos Play:5 or another set of speakers you use for streaming to get started. spin your records. The Bottom Line: The A1 is Pro-Ject’s best turntable for the streaming age, and a must-have for audiophiles who want a simpler setup.

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Platinum Pro-Ject A1 Automat

10. Commercial Coffee Subscription


coffee trade

For coffee-obsessed couples, a subscription to Trade is a no-brainer. It’s the best online coffee subscription we’ve ever tried, and it makes trying new beans easier and more fun without having to go to the store. Trade has a great selection of over 400 different coffees to choose from. For gift subscriptions, the recipient first selects a favorite coffee maker and takes a quiz based on the type of coffee they drink. Then they can sign up for the delivery frequency (and number of bags) that works for them.

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Commercial Coffee Subscription

11. NakedCashmere x Ashley Stark Liana Blanket

Blanket Naked-Cashmere

Nude Cashmere

Cozy up under this NakedCashmere x Ashley Stark pure cashmere Liana blanket. It comes in a stylish and comfortable waffle knit, as well as four different neutral colors in one size. If you want to make your gift even more special, you can have your initials monogrammed for an additional $50.

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Liana Cashmere Blanket

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