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There are milestone birthdays, and then there’s your 21st birthday. Turning 21 is a day many people dream of, and with good reason. While your 18th birthday officially marks your independence from your parents, the big 2-1 comes with added benefits that make it the true entry point into adulthood. The doors are open to you to buy what you want, go where you want, and do what you want (as long as it’s not against the law, of course.) without supervision or permission. It’s true. You can travel the world, book your own hotels, and party the night away if you want.

For many 21-year-olds, this milestone birthday represents a new beginning. Some are celebrating their college graduations, while others are moving into their first apartment or settling into a career. Not to mention the elephant in the room, 21 is the legal drinking age, so in addition to #adult, you can indulge in alcoholic beverages (responsibly, of course).

There is no right or wrong 21st birthday gift. In fact, the options are endless. Fun greeting cards can prank the memories they leave behind, while thoughtful cookbooks and travel tips can help prepare them for the future ahead. If you’re looking for a practical, nostalgic, or personalized gift to mark the occasion, these 21st birthday gift ideas will make the celebration truly unforgettable.

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Could there be a better farewell to childhood that the birthday person will leave behind than a cute, witty card? Grabbing a birthday card with a fun message can make the 21-year-old in your life smile or cringe in fear. Hope they have a good sense of humor.

Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand. This three-tier rainbow-flecked vanilla birthday cake guarantees the sweetest entrance into that next chapter of their life for their birthday.


Get Lit Birthday Party Pack

Scoop of Drunk Ice Cream

Being turned on at 21 comes in many different forms. If you’re looking for a fun way to drink alcohol, these classic and contemporary cocktail-inspired ice cream flavors set the tone with up to 5% alcohol by volume.


Finally Legal 21st Anniversary Wine Label

Since 21 is the official legal drinking age, it’s only fair to start off in style with the person whose birthday it is. This personalized wine label adds the finishing touch and is the perfect keepsake.

This one is for the astrology girls. Give your favorite the gift of a personalized and unique birth chart reading for their special birthday. In addition to the chart of stars and planets at the exact time of your birth, this book contains over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis.


Set of 3 Cirque Top Shelf Decanters

Make sure the birthday person can sip their adult beverages in style with a matching carafe set.


Colored drinking glasses

Whether the birthday person is obsessed with cucumber-infused water or swears by their must-have green juice, decorative drinking glasses can help up their game.

Round, oversized ice cubes in a well-made grown-up cocktail scream.

Candles are a true sign of maturity and style and will set the ultimate mood in their first apartment. This set includes a unique scent for specific times of the day.


RONXS 3 in 1 Candle Accessory Set, Candle Wick Trimmer, Candle Snuffer, Wick Dipper with Gift Packaging for Candle Lovers (Black)

This three-piece candle accessory set is equipped with all the tools needed to keep their cherished candles fresh and fragrant. How cute is the snuffer and wick trimmer?

Turn your first apartment into a home with this warm, golden sunset lamp.


IVY mini photo printer for smartphones

Make sure the birthday person captures all the memories of their big birthday with this portable Bluetooth photo printer.


Mocktail: 75 Plant-Based Mocktail Recipes For All Occasions

Turning 21 doesn’t mean you have to instantly indulge in alcohol. This non-alcoholic non-alcoholic book is filled with delicious drink recipes that can be used for any occasion.


How to become an adult, a practical guide: advice to live, love, work and spend like an adult

There’s no expert manual explaining what adulthood will be like, but this book offers practical advice on how to live, love, work and spend.


The I Love Trader Joe Cookbook

It doesn’t matter if they love to cook or are stuck trying to boil water, there are easy and light meals that anyone, regardless of age, can cook. This cookbook features recipes that use everyday grocery items to create out-of-this-world meals. Apple sausage and cheddar bites sound pretty appetizing if I say so myself.

We all have that friend who never has their phone, AirPods, or Apple Watch fully charged (that’s me, I’m the only friend). By offering them a charging station, their accessories are always ready to use.


Mini Ever After Hydrated Skin Care Kit

Developing a skincare routine is crucial, especially once you hit 21. The Blemish Breakthrough Collection from elf SKIN is a dermatologist-developed line that offers everything you need in a skincare routine for less than $15.


Set of 6 packing cubes

Rule number 01284 coming of age, there will be no more throwing clothes in a suitcase and considering packing them. This monogrammed set will help the 21-year-old in your life keep things organized while they jet set.


Classic Hardcore Sheet Pack

Getting a good night’s sleep is important at any age, but especially as an adult. These crisp, lightweight sheets provide a luxury hotel vibe and help keep you cool all night long.


Comfort is always key, especially now that you’re officially an adult. This linen robe with a waffle texture is light and very comfortable. You can even have it monogrammed with the initials of the person whose birthday it is.

If the 21-year-old in your life has trouble sleeping, the Restore is perfect. It’s equipped with soothing sleep sounds, dimmable lights, and equally soothing alarm sounds that transform your bedtime routine.

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