Barney’s New York relaunches its gift list

When it comes to quality shopping (and freebies), Barney has provided the standard of service to its customers for decades. Today, almost a century and countless transactions and satisfied customers later, the brand is renewing EVERYTHING. From its web platforms to its gift list, Barneys says with the old and with the shiny and the new.

What does it look like, exactly? It’s Barneys, remember? So prepare to be impressed.

The stores new and improved gift registry allows buyers to manage their register both in store and in line. So that cashmere throw you signed up for online? You can pick it up in person at your nearest store, and vice versa. You can also expect the kind of luxury products and brands the store is known to carry, and more. From cutlery and table linens, to limited edition books and baby clothes, Barneys has it all right at your fingertips (or on a touchscreen).

Courtesy of Barney

In addition to the re-launch of the registry itself, Barneys will include exclusive editorial content for the registry page. Consider items like those that showcase favorite gifts and specialty items, like the store’s custom stationery brand.

As if that doesn’t sound addicting enough, there are even Following Benefits that come with the remodel: From free ‘Save the Date’ cards to one-on-one personal register consultants and remote access to her wishlist anytime, Barneys has brought the donation process ( and reception) to a whole new level. It’s a gift like you’ve never seen it before.

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