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Australia’s first gift list service exclusively featuring products from regional and rural businesses has recently been launched.

Bush Registry Connects Australian donors to beautiful housewares, art, furniture, luxury accommodation, experiences and charities from regional and rural Australia.

Already, the unique gift list service includes over 1,200 products from companies across the regions and rural areas of Queensland and New South Wales and continues to grow.

Bush Registry was founded by Kate Munsie, marketer and producer of Western Downs Angus beef, passionate about fostering dynamism and growth in the Australian region.

“The service gives donors a rewarding experience knowing that they are supporting bush businesses that rely primarily on agriculture. It’s also a chance for Australians to buy beautiful bespoke products, which you just can’t get from major retailers. Mrs. Munsie said.

North Star artist Kate Owen.

The talented artist says it’s great to see a gift registry service supporting regional and rural retailers.

“We are often overlooked due to our location and that is exactly what we need. I truly look forward to providing clients with beautiful and unique artwork to celebrate their special occasions and milestones,” said Ms Owen said.

One of Australia’s largest rural charities Rural aid, well known for its Buy a Bale campaign, has partnered with Bush Registry, allowing donors to make a charitable donation instead of a physical gift.

Rural Aid chief executive John Warlters said the charity was delighted to be involved in such a fantastic initiative to support rural businesses.

Bush Registry enables more Australians to support regional and rural businesses and charities, providing a much needed financial injection into their local economy. Our donation articles on Bush Registry include tips for farmers and farmer gift cards. These programs not only benefit the farming family who receive the donation, but the money they spend in their local town helps stimulate the entire economy and has a ripple effect in the community ”, Mr Warlters said.

Australia is a generous nation, spending nearly $ 20 billion on gifts each year. While the coronavirus lockdown has slowed spending, Ms Munsie is confident those who organize special occasions will always be behind the busts.

“It’s wonderful to see so many businesses opening up to new ways to grow and connect with customers beyond their local community. I look forward to hearing their successes,” said Ms. Munsie.

“Although the Bush Registry has only been up and running for six weeks, I have only received positive responses with over 40 new registrants in the first three weeks of launch. The number of bush business partners continues to grow, with upcoming daily emails from companies wishing to get on board.

“And now that the restrictions on major events are slowly starting to lift, we’re seeing a lot more website traffic from those planning a wedding or baby shower in the near future. And the Bush Registry shopping has started! “

Bush Registryinvites those who organize a special occasion to support regional and rural businesses and keep the money in the bush.

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