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Dear Héloïse: My niece graduated from high school and is pursuing her college studies. She had excellent grades and worked hard to graduate in the top 5% of her class. We are all very proud of her. I’d like to give her a nice gift, but I’m out of ideas. Do you have any advice on what to give a 2022 graduate? — Brenda M., Altoona, Pennsylvania

Brenda, best wishes to your niece on her graduation. Here are some gift ideas:

— A thesaurus and/or a dictionary

— An engraved letter opener and/or a magnifying glass

— Plastic storage containers

— A gift card from a major online retailer

— An emergency road kit (if she has a car)

— A small microwave for his dormitory (if the college allows it)

— A gift card for office supplies (stapler, printer paper, pens, etc.) — Héloïse

Dear Héloïse: Working as a hairdresser, I see many products built on many women. Most of them are hairspray that has not been properly removed. I usually tell women to wet their hair, then put a generous amount of baking soda in the palm of their hand with shampoo, and scrub into their hair and scalp. Rinse and wash again with only shampoo. Use conditioner, massage into hair and rinse. Don’t skimp on the conditioner part, and don’t forget to rinse well. — Wendy A., Newberg, Oregon

Wendy, for women who color their hair, it’s especially important to take the time to do some deep conditioning. This is also vital for women whose hair turns white or gray. Our hair generally becomes drier as we age, so it’s important to keep it clean and healthy. — Heloise

Dear Héloïse: My doctor wants me to take a multivitamin and a bit more vitamin D. Unfortunately, I always forget to take them and usually remember when I’m about to fall asleep. How do I remember to take my vitamins? — Shelly K., Fresno, CA

Shelly, keep your vitamins in the same place you keep your bowl of cereal or your coffee, or put them on the kitchen counter where you’ll see them every day. –Heloise

Dear Héloïse: While traveling, I sometimes lost one of my earrings. However, I found a simple solution to this problem. I bought a pill box which is labeled with each day of the week. I placed a pair of earrings in each small compartment. However, I didn’t like the way my earrings seemed to rattle in these compartments, so I bought a sheet of felt from a craft store. Then I cut small squares to fit the compartments and glued them. My earrings are padded and I haven’t lost a single earring to date. —Laura J., Albany, New York

Dear Héloïse: Our family doctor told my husband and I that we needed to cut back on certain foods to lower our cholesterol levels. One of the easiest ways was to reduce the amount of red meat we eat. Three times a week, we lack meat all day. We have lots of fruits and vegetables, and I have a huge cookbook with vegan recipes. Our cholesterol has dropped considerably, and our HDL is lower than our LDL! —Diane and Bob W., Mapleton, Utah

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