Apple has finally improved its gift card experience

An Apple Gift Card in the wild

That thing where a friend or relative gives you a $100 iTunes gift card that you can’t use to buy the new Apple Pencil you actually need because it requires you to use an Apple Store Card, which no one else really heard of it? You don’t have to put up with that anymore.

Apple did something for accounting

Apple has finally committed to the need to improve the digital gifting experience for customers with the soft launch of what it calls its Apple Gift Card, which allows customers to purchase both hardware and services using a single card.

This card (both physical and digital) combines the Apple Store Card with the iTunes and App Store Card so you can purchase both hardware from stores and software/services from App Stores using a single card. It would be genius if it hadn’t taken so long.

It’s strange that although every Apple store now has a few trees, the company hadn’t imagined this step before.

Because even the tree pots were designed by Apple

But I digress.

The new Apple Gift Card makes it easy to send Apple Money to Apple employees. You can buy it and send it physically by mail or digitally by e-mail.

It’s kind of Apple catching up with how all the other gift cards work, and I guess the reasons why it took so long to arrive probably has more to do with internal accounting than anything that had to meaning to fools.

Diehard Appleholics take note: the well-designed cards also have collectible stickers featuring five new Apple logo artwork.

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You can buy all Apple services and subscriptions, buy movies and music, books, software and Apple hardware with one of these cards. And you’ll never need to get worked up when trying to convince an Apple Retail employee to let you redeem your $100 iTunes voucher for an iPad mini again.

What is the next?

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