Amazon Gift Card Giveaway | Win a Free $500 Amazon Gift Card


Amazon gift cards are accepted almost as much as cash. There are times when you like the value of a gift but not necessarily care about the product. Other times, when you might already own the product, like the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, and you don’t want it as much as, say, money. That’s precisely why we decided to release this $500 Amazon Gift Card.

The future winner can use this gift card to buy anything on Amazon. Along with Amazon gift cards, there is also a secondary market where you can exchange them for cash or Bitcoins if you wish.

The opportunities are endless, so scroll down and follow the instructions below in the widget to complete your entries; or to see the terms and conditions.

One of the biggest benefits of this giveaway is instant prize redemption via email. With this contest, you don’t have to wait for shipping like all of our other contests.

Amazon gift card

Once you’ve entered, be sure to see all of our Apple giveaways. We are currently running an iPhone giveaway, iPad giveaway, MacBook giveaway, Apple Watch giveaway, AirPods giveaway, and more. Please note that these freebies or Mactrast are in no way affiliated with Apple, Inc., Amazon or Sony, Inc. or any of its affiliates.

Let us know in the comments how winning that Amazon gift card would change your day, week, or month.

Amazon Gift Card



  • As good as money
  • Quick redemption

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