Amazon Gift Card Deal: Here’s How to Get $10 Free Amazon Cash

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Have you ever redeemed an Amazon gift card? Well, right now, if you top up that Amazon gift card (whether you bought it yourself or got it as a gift), Amazon will give you a $10 credit.

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Amazon Free Money Offer: Top up $100 on gift card, get $10 credit

Right now, when you top up $100 or more on your Amazon gift card, Amazon gives you a $10 bonus, credited to your card for free. But there is a small catch: it must be the first time you top up money on an Amazon gift card.

If you’ve never purchased an Amazon gift card before, this deal is so good you might want to buy one right now. Top up the new gift card with a $100 top-up to claim your $10 free Amazon spending money ASAP.

This $10 special is a limited time offer, so take full advantage of it on Amazon now before it ends.

Amazon Gift Card Deal: Top Up $100 on Gift Card, Get $10 Free

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Top up any Amazon gift card with $100 or more in a single transaction and you’ll get $10 credited to the card for free. Note that this recharge offer only works once. The $10 reward will appear in your account within three days. See website for details and eligibility.

Amazon Gift Card Promo Deal: Reload $100, Get $10 Free

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