All the guys you know will appreciate these quirky birthday gift ideas

Birthday gifts in general are delicate, but birthday gifts for him? These are very difficult and the closer you are to your recipient, the more difficult the donation process can become. That’s why Ree Drummond once resorted to giving Ladd 200 boxes of Carmex lip balm. 😬But if you don’t feel like buying all of Carmex’s supply, rest assured that there are in fact other options.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best birthday gifts for men on the market in 2022, including sophisticated birthday gifts for dads, sons and friends. You’ll find everything from mini waffle irons to “dice to go” and comfy, portable blankets on our list – the kind of things he definitively does not already have. We even have a bag of bourbon-infused coffee beans and, wait for it!, a monthly bacon subscription, too. (Almost sure one will appeal to all age groups. Gifts for teens, finally sorted!) Plus, nearly all of our picks qualify as gifts under $100, so you won’t need to break the bank just to give her something truly memorable. (Best of all, if you’re shopping for more than one birthday to come, we’ve got great birthday gift ideas for her, too.) Here’s to making her day with a personal and meaningful find!

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