Affected by the Wawa data breach? Here’s how to get a gift card or cash | Local News

In addition to payments to customers, Wawa is also expected to spend at least $ 35 million to improve its cybersecurity. And plaintiffs’ attorneys requested $ 3.2 million to cover fees and expenses, administration fees, and cash payments of up to $ 1,000 for 13 named plaintiffs.

Wait, why am I getting a gift card?

Lawyers representing consumers in the case said the gift cards were appropriate because Wawa has “exceptionally loyal” customers, who return regularly to the company’s 900 or so stores. The convenience store chain, based in Wawa, Delaware County, said its gift cards have a usage rate of 97.2%, according to court documents.

Over 3,000 products in Wawa stores, or about 78% of items, cost less than $ 5. Gift cards, which would be valid for one year, cannot be used for cigarettes or other tobacco products.

But not everyone is happy with the case. Lawyers for Wawa employees argued that gift cards offer little value to consumers who no longer live near a Wawa or choose not to shop there. However, U.S. District Judge Gene EK Pratter said the gift cards were adequate relief and pre-approved the deal.

What are my legal options?

There are 22 million group members, which includes all U.S. residents who used a credit or debit card at a Wawa store during the nine-month period. Excluded are the leaders of Wawa and the judge in charge of the case.

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