A gift card or a passport to adventure?


The holidays will be here before you know it. This startling fact begs the age-old question, “What should I get that family member or friend who seems to have it all?” There’s also the challenge of choosing a gift for your child’s teacher or colleague. Usually the response is a “GIFT CARD”. Gift cards are the best because they make your life easier and allow recipients to choose what they want!
With that in mind, Santa Clarita’s Resale Store Assistance League(R) is proud to announce that we now offer Shaped Cards, or what I like to call, “Passports to Adventure”! You can load them up with five bucks or the sky’s the limit! What makes our gift cards different from others is that they give recipients a passport to adventure, inviting them to browse our amazing unique items. Our gift card avoids lonely online shopping and waits to see if you like your purchase when it arrives at your doorstep. Sometimes it’s great, but sometimes not so much. Sometimes you stand in line for twenty minutes to buy an overpriced coffee card that you hope your friend will like. With our gift card, you will avoid all these scenarios. Instead, the lucky recipient will be greeted by our all-volunteer staff at a local store. At The Assistance League resale store, something new is added to the floor every day. We have a wide range of unique items that appeal to both the rare item collector and the strictly practical shopper. You can be sure that your gift recipient will be able to find something wonderful.
So instead of buying a gift card from a big online store or coffee shop, how about choosing a destination that eliminates the guesswork? As an added bonus, proceeds go directly to benefit the children and seniors of our Santa Clarita Valley through our philanthropic programs. A gift card that gives two ways! One to your recipient and one to families in our community in need. I call this gift card Win-Win which also incorporates an adventure part!
Our resale store is located at 26045 Bouquet Canyon Road. www.assistanceleaguesantaclarita.org for more information.

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