A Complete Guide to Buying a PS Gift Card

A Complete Guide to Buying a PS Gift Card


The game is a craze for gamers all over the world. Millions of gamers play games and also create their career in this field. The PS3 was introduced by Sony and sold over 90 million units worldwide. The PS3 has been shipped worldwide for gamers. This took them to the next level of gaming fun. They were able to play with friends, multiplayer and more.


When the PS4 was released, it surpassed previous records which surprisingly exceeded 116 million units. It was quite huge as we weren’t expecting it. It came out more than expected. Like the PS3, the PS4 shipped worldwide for gamers.


After the very progressive journey of the PS4, there is now a roaring era of the PS5 which continues the progress made by the PS3 and PS4.

PS Plus and PS Network Gift Cards offer a chance to enhance your console experience. It is a very safe and easy method to boost your premium services or account. You’ll also get free games and more in the PS Store.

GAMIVO offers a chance to explore Sony gaming by buying all kinds of PS gift cards, available at the best prices. On the GAMIVO, you will get a PlayStation gift card and PSN codes.


You will be able to increase your PS account. The funds you add can be used to unlock payments in the PS Store. You will be able to have the PS4 and PS5 copies, or unlock payments for other services provided by PS.

There are many types of PSN cards on GAMIVO and you can choose the one that suits you.


There are some variables you need to consider in order to avoid any issues.

You should know that there is a specific region lock for each PSN code, which makes choosing the right region crucial. We know that there are many countries that use the same currency, so double-checking before releasing payments is a must to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

As an illustration, you may know that Germany, France and Italy are the countries that use the same currency, but what creates a problem is that the PSN 20 EUR FR cannot be used only in France, and that the rest of the countries are refused. This is why it is mentioned to double check when you are going to make a purchase.


Free games

There are two free games for every player who purchases a subscription. They will have full access and can play whenever they want. The list of games is complete. There are many more games they will experience and play with their friends.


There are special discounts for members who buy it. The discount granted applies to all games and you will have access to all games with reduced prices. Also, if there is a game and it is on sale for a short time, even then the discount will apply to that game.

You will have access to everything that a regular player does not have.


You can share your console with your friends and play. You can easily invite your friends and play with them, which creates a moment of great joy. Not only that, there is an option to play with multiplayers, joining anywhere in the world. You can play with them and try to win.

There are even different companies that focus entirely on games and you interact with them.


There are two types of subscription, and you should choose depending on the duration you need:

  • PlayStation Plus 90 days
  • PlayStation Plus 365 days

It is again highly recommended to double-check the region when you are about to make a purchase.


Redeeming is a piece of cake as GAMIVO provides you with all the essential and basic information regarding the PSN Gift Card to avoid any kind of hassle while redeeming.

When you have finished purchasing the PS card, you can easily open your PS4 or PS5 console and use it.

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