8 Best Thoughtful and Useful Diwali Gift Ideas


Diwali is the most anticipated festival of the month which Indians all over the world celebrate as one. The day commemorates the end of darkness and evil by illuminating diyas and decorate homes in the brightest and most festive way. This year we celebrate Diwali on October 24th. Oil baths, multiple pujas, new clothes and lit firecrackers are some acts of joy that make every child and adult look forward to Diwali! Also, the “festival of lights” celebrates the joy of giving. Giving your loved ones and loved ones thoughtful gifts is a must during Diwali. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best Diwali gifts that are perfect for wishing your friends and family love and light in their lives!

8 Best Diwali Gift Ideas You Need To Add To Cart Right Away

1. REKHA Women’s Classic Lehenga

Diwali is also a day to flaunt one’s beauty in traditional outfits. Like the one shown here in a golden hue, a designer lehenga can make anyone look stunning! Gift this beauty to your spouse, girlfriend, daughter or siblings and watch them beam with joy. This chic number includes a semi-stitched puffy skirt with floral patterns, an unstitched matching shimmery blouse and a dupatta. It also comes in multiple colors, so you can grab the one that makes your heart beat faster.

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2. SKAVIJ Men’s Art Silk Kurta Pajamas and Scarf Set

Why should girls have all the fun? While you kill the day in a lehenga or saree, let the boys of the house also take center stage in their ethnic party costumes. A men’s kurta pajama set is one of the best comfortable outfits to celebrate Diwali in true Indian spirit. This stylish set shown here includes a dark blue dupion art silk knee-length kurta, matching pajama pants and a red crinkle scarf. The set also comes in different color combinations to suit your preferences. This is indeed one of the best Diwali gifts for men who are wondering “What should I wear today?” during festive periods.

SKAVIJ Men's Art Silk Kurta Pajamas and Scarf Set

Price: $64.99

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3. Indotribe Dried Fruits And Nuts Diwali Gift Set

Whatever the festival, we are only happy if our stomach is. That’s why we think Indotribe’s gift basket containing healthy and crunchy dried fruits and nuts will be a treasured gift. You can gift this set to your neighbors and guests as a token of appreciation for their presence in your life. The box includes 125 grams of paan resin and 100 grams of tasty almond caramel sesame. Beautifully designed Diwali gift box with exotic Indian flavored nuts will add the right amount of sweetness and crunch to your Diwali party.

Indotribe Dried Fruits And Nuts Diwali Gift Set

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4. ASHIRWAD Lord Ganesha Antique Brass Statue

The idol of Lord Ganesha is prominent during the main puja day of the 5 day Diwali festival. He is believed to be the supreme deity who is worshiped at the start of new things and to end all obstacles. If you are looking for an elegant and meaningful Diwali gift option, this antique brass Ganesha statue will be the right fit! The finely crafted, gold-hued deity statue is unbreakable as it is made of pure brass and weighs approximately 8200 grams. The elegant statue will also amplify the festive mood with its positive and devotional aurora.

ASHIRWAD Lord Ganesha Antique Brass Statue

Price: $375

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5. Indian Ghasitaram SWeets Gift Set

To make Diwali sweeter, a candy box will be a great gift option. Indian sweets have a special flavor that is inexplicable in simple words. You have to experience it as it melts in your mouth and every taste bud screams for more. This amazing Indian candy box from Ghasitaram is just what you need to introduce everyone you know to the essence of Indian sweets. The big box contains kaju katli, besan barfi, dodha barfi and milk cake. We have already added it to our cart, now it’s your turn.

Ghasitaram Indian Sweets Gift Box

Price: $15.00

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6. Red Fruits Scented Candle Box

Scented candles are a nice gift. They are ideal for uplifting one’s mood and also for raising the vivacity of the ambience. This gift set includes 4 different flavored aromatherapy candles packaged in an attractive box ready for gift giving. Each of these candles are made from natural soy wax which won’t create a lot of smoke and are also pet friendly. It burns for 25-30 minutes. These candles are a great Diwali gift for your office colleagues to decorate their work space and also for your teachers, friends and family who love aromatherapy.

Red Fruits Scented Candle Box

Price: $16.59

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seven. POTEY Artificial Succulents in Pots

More often than not, we don’t know what to give and whether the recipient will like it or not. In such cases, where you are unsure about the likes and dislikes of the other person, give them this lovely gift box. These ceramic pots with artificial succulents from Potey are a winning gift choice that is sure to please everyone. It can be used as a decorative element to brighten up the living space. It also includes a gift card to write your note of gratitude and pass on your Diwali wishes to them. It is a gift set suitable for people of all genders and age groups.

POTEY Artificial Succulents in Pots

Price: $16.65

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8. CopperBull Turkish Tea Set

Overflowing with grandeur and royalty, this tea set can be a beautiful gift that consists of 6 glasses, 6 glass holders, a tray and 6 spoons set with crystals. It is of premium quality and is therefore sturdy and durable. This Turkish tea set from CopperBull features impressive gold decorative designs on brass that make it an ideal decorative piece to show off on your crockery shelf. It escapes a perfect fusion of trendy and traditional looks and can be the perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones.

CopperBull Turkish Tea Set

Price: $96.80

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Life is about giving more than taking and Diwali is one such festival that helps us indulge in the joy of giving. Spread light and love with unique Diwali gifts from our curated list of the best mentioned above! These thoughtful and meaningful gifts are sure to make your Festival of Lights more memorable and joyful.

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