7 gift ideas for a man of God


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Ok, so you’ve been taught the reward of giving, and now you want to get practical in presenting something to your spiritual father.

Well, that’s such a nice gesture.

But then it looks like you don’t know what to give. Should we buy him a pair of designer shoes? Would the latest Tommy Hilfiger ties do the trick? Or maybe she’ll appreciate a new set of Fendi hats.

Honestly, I used to be like you – I don’t know what gift to give my pastor. But having done it multiple times, I feel like I’m in the right place to share some ideas with others.

Read on to find out what you can give your pastor for his birthday, thanksgiving service, or any ordinary day.

Something educational, albeit a bit sacred

I don’t want to give him a new bible. He probably already has a lot. I’m talking about something that can broaden his body of knowledge. In other words, something he can learn from.

Many Christian gifts fall perfectly into this category. Talk about spiritual books, the latest Christian bestsellers, practical theology books, magazines, Christian series, motivational records, etc. You can buy them at a local store near you, online, or even at your chapel / church store.

I assure you that most men of God love such gifts.

Gift card for a clothing store

Who Said You Can’t Get Your Pastor A Costume? Of course you can. Not just the way you planned. Instead of going out and buying a costume to present it, you should do your research to find out where your pastor likes to get his clothes and then get a gift card for that store.

It is always better to present your pastor with a gift card at his favorite store rather than shopping for him. With a gift card, he can walk into the store at any time to buy whatever he wants at that time, which can be shoes, ties, suits or even a hat.

Believe me; pastors appreciate gift cards more.

Offer a hotel gift card

Still on the subject of gift cards, another wonderful gift idea is a hotel gift card. As you know, pastors travel the world preaching the word and carrying out the Lord’s orders. Often they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and have to sleep in hotels.

Buying and presenting a hotel gift card, which your pastor can use to enter any hotel in the world, can be a great way to show that you really care.

Someone might say, “But I don’t know the hotel he’s going to stay. Yes, it’s true. But that’s what the hotel booking sites are there for. They allow reservations to be made at any hotel in the world. You have sites like Hotels.com, Booking.com, HotelsCombined, etc. Just buy their gift cards and you are good to go.

Food donation

I know we are no longer at the age of Father Abraham or the Apostle Paul, but you can still offer food supplies to your pastors.

Of course, that shouldn’t be a plate of fast food unless it’s what you can afford. Instead, it could be animals in your garden (if you are raising them), parts of your freshly grown food, or some pond fish that have just matured.

For the non-farmers in the house, you can still go to the market and buy things like chicken, cattle, ram, fresh vegetables, etc. Remember, your pastor is also human. So he will surely appreciate them.

An office makeover

How many times have you been to your pastor’s office? Maybe a few times or even never. Either way, go back and find things that need fixing or could use a new face.

It could be the floor, paint on the wall, furniture, etc. Or it could even be something completely missing in the room. Once you figure something out, offer to get it fixed.

You can bet your pastor will greatly appreciate this.

Give them a surprise birthday party

Who else has noticed that pastors rarely celebrate their birthdays like ordinary people do? I mean, you’ll hardly find them throwing big parties.

But we can start one for them, with the rest of the church there.

Ask your pastor’s wife what she thinks of the idea. If she says you’re good to go, start preparing to throw a party solo or a big one for your spiritual father.

He will really appreciate it.

Noise canceling headphones

It’s the only technical gift on the list, and I saved it last because I think it’s the best gift you can give your pastor.

Did you know that pastors sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on their work because of ambient noise? This is why many of them often isolate themselves in their interior rooms or away from noise and people’s voices.

You can help them even more by introducing them to noise-canceling headphones. With this kind of device, man can sit comfortably anywhere to meditate, reflect on God’s words, or compose his sermon without worrying about the surrounding noise.

Story by Uday Tank

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