6 gift ideas to surprise your children on Bal Diwas


The SPECIAL occasion of children’s day is here and it is celebrated every year on November 14 with much fervor and joy. India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, affectionately known as “Chacha Nehru”, was born on November 14, 1889 and was known for his affection for children. The special day is observed to raise awareness and improve the welfare of children and their future. On this day, schools and colleges hold many competitions such as essay writing, debates, speeches, dancing and singing and many more.

Students are also taken to picnics to enjoy the day. Gifts are one of the main attractions of this day. Children are always fond of gifts and are the best way to make them the happiest. We therefore offer you a list of gift ideas to surprise your children on the occasion of Children’s Day. Watch below:

1. Piggy bank

Giving your kids a piggy bank is a great way to teach them the value of money and the importance of saving in life. They come in different colors, shapes and designs and you can buy such a piggy bank to surprise your child on this occasion.

2. Chocolate box

Children are fascinated by chocolates and other food products. You can give them a personalized chocolate box with a sweet message to read. You can also include small toys and cards to make it more complete and creative.

3. Sports equipment

Sports equipment such as badminton rackets, football, bicycle and more can be a good choice to surprise your kids on Children’s Day. Making them understand the value of sport in life, especially outdoor games, is a must. In addition, the practice of different sports can rejuvenate them and reduce stress leading to mental well-being.

4. Board Games

Board games provide early learning opportunities as they help children identify many colors and spaces, along with mind coordination and cognition. Board games promote family time, develop communication skills, and are extremely helpful for children with special needs.

5. Sketchbooks

Children’s mind and hands are free space and they like to draw all the time or use their creativity. They are also a source of memory because you can store and watch them and their old ideas. They develop critical thinking and help monitor the child’s progress.

6. Sensory Toys

Sensory toys such as sorting sets, water tables, teethers, etc. help a child learn by exploring curiosity, problem solving and creativity. They help develop language skills, fine motor skills and cognitive growth and have a calming effect on children.

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