5 terrific tech gift ideas for your holiday shopping list

Thanksgiving is over and I’m sure we’ve all had wonderful conversations with our loved ones on safe topics like politics and religion and we feel pretty good not seeing some of these people for at least a year. But, good news, our list of people to buy gifts for has probably grown a lot shorter!

It’s my tradition to write an article on tech gift ideas every year, although I wonder how many of you have finished shopping given the logistical challenges the market is experiencing.

A word of advice: if you find something in stock that you want to buy, buy it, otherwise it may disappear in a few moments. Last week, this result happened to my product of the week. It was in stock when I submitted my column, but it was out of stock the next day.

This year I picked one product that I want but probably won’t get, and four more that you might want to consider. One for those who have trouble sleeping, one for those worried about increasing crime and accidents, the best TV on the market (currently) and something for the older loved one who might suddenly have Need help.

Jetson ONE Quadcopter

I’ve always wanted to have my flying machine, but I want something easy to learn that doesn’t need an airfield to take off and that’s electric, not gasoline.

The Jetson ONE Quadcopter is a large drone that will carry one person – reasonably priced (considering the cost of other products in its class) $ 92,000 and delivered in a 50% assembled kit.

This thing looks like a lot of fun to ride. It has a limited range of action and is approved as a pleasure plane. It has features like advanced drones, which allow one-button landing, ballistic parachute, Lidar sensors for active terrain following, a triple redundant flying computer, and eight electric motors (you can lose one and still fly and land). It has a top speed of 63 mph and a flight time of 20 minutes.

Jetson ONE has two flight controls, a three-axis joystick, and a throttle lever to keep things simple. It will recharge on a level 2 charger in one hour and on a level 1 charger in two hours. People heavier than me will have to watch it fly. However, it has a maximum carrying weight of 210 lbs. Good excuse to go on a diet!

Imagine the look on people’s faces as they pull out their quads and bikes, and you pull out this quadcopter flying above their heads with no mud, dust, and most bugs. Santa won’t put one in my stocking this year, but you might be luckier than me.

Ooler sleep system

If I had to choose one product that I really can’t live without, it would be my Ooler.

This device replaces an electric blanket and it heats and cools at the same time. My wife likes it warmer than me, and it allows us to share the same room at night.

It circulates distilled water (I use PC coolant to reduce evaporation), which means none of the electric fields worries some people about electric blankets. Other devices on the market use air and have the advantage of not having to monitor the coolant. But water transfers heat better than air, and I find the air blowing under the covers distracting.

The Ooler is the company’s premium product that doesn’t need as much cleaning, looks better, and can be controlled by your smartphone.

If you share a room with someone else who likes it to be warmer or cooler than you, (I think for those of you in the dorms), the Ooler allows you to have the temperature of the sleep you want without going to war from thermostats with your roommate.

Costs range from $ 639 for a single to over $ 1,400 for a king with two units, one for each side (currently they are 20% for the holidays).

BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Camera

I am also a moderator on an automotive forum, and one of the topics covered is a bit of envy for the camera system built into Telsa cars. I could have used one a few years ago when a state soldier lied to give me a ticket (he said I was out in the open with no cars around me while I was actually in bumper-to-bumper traffic). If I had had the video of the stop, I could have proven that he was not telling the truth.

The BlackVue DR900X-2CH dash cam is on sale for $ 413.59 at the time of writing and not only captures events automatically while you are driving, but also what is happening around your car while it is parked.

BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Camera

A few weeks ago a guy parked next to my wife’s new Volvo slammed his door so hard he damaged over $ 2,000 on his door. Luckily he was honest and hanging around sharing insurance information, but if he hadn’t, we would have gone over the $ 500 deductible at least.

The camera captures 4K video front and rear so you can have your own YouTube channel of crazy drivers – or provide proof that a bad driver who has been hit needs to prove their case.

People who have this camera swear by it, and it could be essential in proving your case in the event of an accident. Once a guy pulled me back and pretended it was my fault, and a friend of mine asked a woman to reverse a light, hit it, and then pretend that he was at fault. These things are happening, be prepared.


I bought two LG OLED TVs, one for the bedroom and one for the living room. If you have an OLED display on your smartphone and love brilliant colors and true black, imagine that at the scale of a TV.

Prior to this year, I exclusively owned high-end Samsung TVs. I switched to LG OLEDs and although they are expensive if you like to watch first screen movies but are not a fan of cinemas where people are a bit spotty in their mask wearing and use vaccines, then this TV course is for you.

Ours is a 77 inch that I bought from BestBuy for around $ 3,200. That same TV is currently on sale for $ 2,899, which is a decent saving considering there is a shortage of everything right now.

77-inch LG OLED TV

Interestingly, LG TVs use webOS, which was Palm OS when Palm was the smartphone maker to beat.

Be aware that these LG OLEDs are slim and have their wall mount low on the TV, so if you want to mount it on the wall, you might need a mount that will precisely fit these TVs.

We watched the latest Marvel movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” the other day on this TV and it was awesome. I still use Sonos speakers (center, two surround and one sub), and with that mounted and the dark room, it was damn as good as watching it in IMAX (I watched the IMAX version).

Yes, you can get a regular LCD TV for less; but damn it, once you go for OLED, I doubt you’ll ever go back to it.

Oh, the TV I got for the bedroom was the 48 inch LG OLED from Amazon. This one cost me almost $ 1,300. Currently, it’s on sale for $ 200 less.

Portable Medical Alert 2.0 Mobile

As we get older, we can get into trouble by getting out of bed too quickly, falling and hurting ourselves. The stories of old people who suffered on their soil for days until they were discovered are deeply disturbing. We all have people like that in our lives, just one faux pas from getting into real trouble.

When our memories fade, the risk of us being lost, disoriented, or finding ourselves in an area where we are in danger also increases.

Years ago I got hooked on a fantasy science series called Shadowrun. In the stories, there was a medical service that people could subscribe to that had a one-button device to call for help.

There are now several on the market, and the best seems to be Medical Guardian’s Mobile 2.0 device and service.

Medical Guardian portable medical alert devices

They also have one called the Mini Guardian (pictured right) with nationwide 4G cellular network coverage that has optional fall detection which can be even better.

The Mobile 2.0 device is Wi-Fi and LTE compatible to work both at home and on the road. It has a GPS to send its position and a built-in intercom so that the dispatcher can ask what the problem is to send the appropriate response.

The Apple Watch has a similar set of features, but it’s too complex for many, and when you’re injured, remembering how to access different functions or even make sure you’re wearing the watch can be problematic. The Mobile 2.0 portable medical alert does not require any skills to be learned. When your loved one is in trouble, they just press the button and ask for the help they need.

A “Care Circle” emergency contact network can be created to inform family members responsible for care in the event of a problem, including sharing the location of the person in need.

It is water resistant to be worn in the shower where a lot of people slip and fall. You can put the help button on a necklace or bracelet if that’s more convenient, and a full four-hour charge lasts up to five days, depending on usage.


It’s an envelope for her vacation session. Remember, there are massive shortages there. I cheated this year and gave most people a gift card a few weeks ago so they can get what they want before the stores run out. Fingers crossed, as of this writing everything I have listed is in stock.

If anyone gets it, Quadcopter takes a photo and sends it to me so I can be deeply jealous.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and we all survive the New Year!

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