5 gift ideas for kids that parents will appreciate too


Chances are that some people on your list are harder to buy from than others. This can be especially true if you’re shopping for kids this holiday season. It’s hard to keep up with the hottest toys and gadgets when you haven’t had Garanimals for decades. That’s why we created this guide. Here are five gift ideas that kids and parents will love.

1. Kids Smartwatch

Smartwatches are very popular, and that’s because they offer some really cool features. You can make calls, text your friends, and even check social media and the web. Unfortunately, these last two features mean that standard smartwatches aren’t exactly kid-friendly. You don’t want your child to access inappropriate content or get caught up in Instagram FOMO. This is where a children’s watch comes in.

These watches are designed for children and work as both a cell phone and a GPS tracking device. Although children can make calls with this watch, it is a standalone device without internet access. This means that your child cannot scroll through social media or stumble upon dangerous websites. It allows a child to watch a victory with you and your children.

2. Potty Training Accessories

Sounds far-fetched? Listen to us. While this gift idea may seem like a parent-pleaser, it may also put a smile on your potty-training toddler’s face. Admit it: potty training is a big part of a toddler’s life, and it can be stressful. Books like “Everybody Poops” and Drinking and Wetting Dolls can make the process less intimidating and more engaging.

Has your child started their toilet training journey yet? Consider giving them a colorful reward chart to help them. This interactive board lets kids partner with parents to set potty training goals. It comes with stickers kids can use to track their progress and visibly recognize when they reach a milestone. Then you can reward them with a toy or treat for their effort – and it’s sure to make them smile.

3. Puzzle

In today’s technological world, it’s rare for kids to spend time playing games that aren’t on a screen. And while technology can be a great resource, it’s important for children to know how to exist without it. To help them out, consider buying the child in your life a puzzle this holiday season.

This suggestion might seem a little old school, but there are ways to show it off. You can customize the puzzle to feature an image of your choice. For example, maybe your toddler loves dinosaurs. If so, the puzzle could feature all the dinosaurs, from the allosaurus to the tyrannosaurus rex. Or you can send in a photo of you and your child and have a puzzle created from a favorite memory.

Puzzles aren’t just a fun activity; they can also contribute to a child’s development. Puzzles help children develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. They can even improve memory and fine motor skills. It’s for these reasons that you’ll love watching your kids play with a puzzle or two.

4. Book Subscription

Why give a gift that can only be used once when you can give a subscription? It’s no secret that subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years. And while there are boxes for makeup lovers, fashionistas and wine lovers, few people think of subscriptions for children. But there are plenty of options available that are both fun and educational, such as book subscription boxes.

Remember how excited you were when your teacher handed out Scholastic order forms to you? A book subscription brings the same thrill to your kids, no matter their age. The selections in each box are curated by experts who know what kids love to read. Not to mention that subscriptions are a gift that keeps on giving. Your child will eagerly await each box’s arrival, and you’ll appreciate seeing them with their nose in a book, not pointed at a screen.

5. Gift cards

Sometimes the best gift you can give is freedom of choice, which is why gift cards are a must. Although some donors think gift cards are a cop-out, they are actually a very good buy. Not only do they give your kids control over what they buy, but you also retain some influence.

You do not have to give your child a Visa or Mastercard gift card, which gives them complete freedom. Instead, choose a gift card based on the interests of the child. For example, maybe you’re shopping for a girl who loves dolls, so consider a gift card from American Girl. On the other hand, you might be shopping for a son who loves video games. Rather than buying a gift card from Best Buy, get one from Toys’R’Us so you know the entire selection is kid-friendly.

The holidays are fast approaching and the last thing you want is to be unprepared. Instead of waiting until the last minute, start shopping — or at least thinking — for gifts now. Whether you’re shopping for your two-year-old daughter or teenage son, something on this list is sure to make their vacation.

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