5 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Customers Should Appreciate

DETROIT – When Christmas approaches, it usually makes everyone happy. Even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, you can probably take some time off from work and spend it with your loved ones. If you’re celebrating Christmas, you probably know you have some great food coming your way, and maybe presents from your family members.

In the corporate world, Christmas is a time when you can show your customers and loyal customers that you appreciate and cherish them. You can honor a clientele when you buy them Christmas gifts.

If you have a nameless, faceless group of customers who buy products from your store or online, you have no personal connection to them. However, if you have customer relationships, especially people who buy thousands of dollars worth of products from your company every year, you need to give them something nice over the holidays.

What can you offer your customers as Christmas approaches? We will talk about some options in the next article. We will cover both expensive and less expensive gifts.

You can throw a party for your customers

Affordable and Thoughtful Corporate Gifts tell your customers you care. However, if you haven’t had a very good year, you will have to reduce the amount you can spend on it.

Maybe you’ll choose to throw a party for all your most valuable customers instead of giving them personalized gifts. You can invite them to come to your building on a certain date and at a specific time. You can set up catering for the affair and have an open bar.

If you do this, you can introduce your customers to each other. You can toast to all their health and express how grateful you are that they continue to trust your business, buy your products, and use your services.

You can get them gift cards

Getting gift cards for customers isn’t the most original idea, but it’s a pretty foolproof option if you can’t come up with something more creative. You will need to review each customer before deciding on the amount and destination of the gift card.

You can choose something like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or Morton’s if you know the customer likes a good steak. Maybe you’ll get them an Amazon gift card or one for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

You can get your clients health club memberships or exercise equipment

You might decide to have your clients join a health club. Maybe some of them expressed they are trying to lose a few pounds or get stronger. You can search for gyms in your area and get a one year membership for that customer.

You can send them to Esporta, Planet Fitness, or maybe you can find a more exclusive fitness center that they might enjoy. You can set up a personal trainer for them if you have enough money to include it as part of the giveaway.

Perhaps you will provide the client with exercise equipment that they can use at home if you think they would prefer that. You’ll have to talk to them to see if they’d like a yoga mat, free weights, exercise bands, or something else. Maybe you’ll give them a mirror or a Peloton bike.

If you’re offering them something like a peloton, you’ll also need to make sure they have a membership, so they can take the guided fitness classes. You’ll have to probe this client to see if they’re interested in that sort of thing. Be careful when telling them about it, though, because you probably don’t want to spoil the surprise when you present the gift to them.

You can take your client to a sporting event

If you are having a good year financially and you want to show a high-value client that you’ll do what it takes to keep them, you could offer them something like season tickets to a baseball team they support. Maybe you’ll find out they’re a big Yankees or Red Sox fan, and you can get them box seats.

If you don’t have the best year financially, you could get them single-game tickets instead. You could get tickets for them to go with their family, or you could suggest that you go with them if you and this client get along well and have a personal history together.

When you go to the game with them, you can talk business if they seem to want that, or you can avoid any work-related conversation and just watch the game. If the customer doesn’t like baseball, maybe they will go to footballbasketball, a golf event, boxing or something else.

You can organize an exotic experience for them

You probably have all kinds of clients. You may find that some of them enjoy quiet activities, such as reading or gardening. Others may enjoy more extreme adventures. It’s your job to learn about each high-value customer, so you can best meet their needs.

While on vacation, you might think of experiences you can buy for a customer that they might enjoy. Maybe your client likes to pump up their adrenaline and do something wild and crazy. You could have them try skydiving, base jumping, or rock climbing.

You can take them on a yacht so they can relax in the sun, or you can arrange a surfing or fishing experience. Some customers might like to try to catch trophy fish like marlin. If they catch one, you can give it to them and give it to them as a gift that they can keep in their office or on their wall at home.

If those experiences aren’t in your price range, you might get something more modestly priced for your customers, like museum or ballet tickets. It’s unlikely to delight them in the same way, but a quiet afternoon or evening might suit them just as well.

This article was written by Suzanne Melony

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