40 best gift ideas under $25 that won’t break the bank

Price is an important consideration when shopping for gifts any time of the year, but it’s especially important during the holidays when your list is long. Your budget depends on a variety of factors, from your personal finances to the number of people you shop for, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with how you spend. For example, you can consider gifts under $100 or under $50 for a few special people in your life, while buying gifts under $30 or under $20 for your extended family, friends and your colleagues.

If $25 or less is a price category you’re interested in, this selection offers the best options for everyone on your shopping list. At that amount, you’re not necessarily in a position to splurge, but you can definitely find inexpensive gifts that are stylish, functional, and look way more expensive than they actually cost. We’ve included more general options, like candles and notebooks, that will appeal to almost any recipient, but if you want to focus on their interests, we also have some unique gift ideas on this list that are perfect for lovers of gifting. music, wine enthusiasts, yogis, etc.

The Most Popular Gifts Under $25

So take a look and see how many people you can cross off your holiday shopping list right now. Everything is available to order online, so you can be more efficient and profitable than you ever thought possible.

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