4 Reasons Your Mom Will Love Livlite’s Eco-Friendly Gift Set

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We are well into spring, which means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. On May 8, we celebrate the inspiring women who show us their love and support while keeping us online.

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the women who are dear to us. So it’s time to start thinking about what they would like to receive on this special day.

Vancouver-based Livlite has created a zero-waste product that will make your mom feel loved. She might just forget the time you wrote on her walls with crayons.

“Many of us who are environmentally conscious may be wondering how we can spoil mom on Mother’s Day in a more eco-friendly way,” shares Jess Bacon, marketing coordinator at Livlite. . “These boxes feature a selection of delicious treats, personal care treats and thoughtful gifts from other local businesses. It’s a great way to show your appreciation, while learning about new eco-friendly products.

If you haven’t yet found a gift that will make her smile, here are four reasons why you should order one of Livlite’s Mother’s Day gift sets:

It is filled with unique products

These gift boxes contain products that will make your mother, wife, aunt or grandmother feel appreciated.

Each box includes goodies from Kilig Candle Co., Elate Cosmetics, Clever Mocktails and Strange Fellows Brewing, to name a few.

Your mom will surely appreciate The Preservatory’s delicious jam, which pairs well with cheese and can be spread on bread or crackers. While dessert lovers won’t get enough of Melt Confectionary’s Vegan Honeycomb Chocolate Bar.

Gift sets include herbal and alcohol-free options.


Everything comes from local businesses

Since Livlite sources 95% from local businesses, people can support small businesses in our community in an incredibly easy way. Shopping local also benefits the environment because the items you buy don’t have to travel as far.

Products are mom approved

Each product present in the gift boxes has been selected by mothers, for mothers. After a busy day at work, she can treat herself to delicious treats while watching her all-time favorite show: House Hunters International on HGTV.

It’s a low waste gift

The items in each gift box are stored in reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging. This reduces the amount of trash your beloved mum throws away while ensuring the wrappers stay out of landfills and our ocean.

Livlite gift sets can be purchased online for free delivery to your doorstep or direct to the lucky recipient.

Livlite delivers zero waste groceries for free in Vancouver and North Vancouver. The company delivers your groceries in returnable jars, bins and compostable paper bags. It’s about making life easier so you can shop consciously without sacrificing convenience.

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