38 Best Vegan Gift Ideas 2021 – Vegan Gift Ideas


Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. And if your gift is vegan, well, things can get a little tricky when looking for eco-friendly, cruelty-free options that your person will love. (And I’m just saying it: you don’t wanna be this donor who got your boo, BFF, coworker or family member a random gift card, because honestly it just screams,I needed to bring you something for any occasion and I had no time, so I barely put all effort.) But luckily I’m here to help make it easier for you with these vegans gift ideas!

Here are 38 different types of gifts you can give that vegan person in your life, whether it’s a luxury faux leather handbag, a box of dairy-free chocolates, or a bottle of wine. Each present on this list is without any animal or animal ingredients, so you can choose one of the vegan gifts below. I am sure they will love it.

Oh, and pro tip: Significant delivery delays are expected this season, so make sure your gifts arrive on time by shopping now!

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an aesthetic candle

Matcha Business candle

With energizing notes of hazelnut coffee and soothing lavender, this hot and spicy candle smells Divine. And yes! It is made from 100% natural coconut soy wax.


a chic bag

Vegan backpack

This vegan leather bag is so effortlessly chic. Just think of all the cute cuts your loved one could put up with!


a winter candle

Holiday Edition: Peppermint Cocoa Candle

Encourage cozier nights this winter with this vegan peppermint and cocoa scented candle. Also, can we talk about the aesthetics of the pewter lantern?


this soft serve maker

Healthy and classic dessert fruit maker

Chances are your vegan friend is a fruit fanatic. Now they can make delicious sorbets with this fruit soft dough maker.


these vegan-friendly cupcakes

The 25-Pack Black Birthday Gift Box

Vegan cupcakes? Uh, yes, please! Show me a softer way to celebrate a birthday. I’ll wait.


these delicious chocolates

Assortment of 9 pieces

You know what? Complete the above with a box of dairy free chocolates. Better. Here. Already.


these queso pots

Spicy Fiesta Queso 16oz – (2) Jars

Or if they’re more into queso, treat them to this set of delicious (and vegan!) Dips to satiate their appetite.


this soft hairbrush

Oval vegan boar bristle brush

They will be so grateful for this luxury beauty tool which is incredibly suitable for vegans.


this concentrated vegetable milk

Unsweetened Almond Milk Concentrate (pack of 2)

Your gift can simply add water to a spoonful of this almond milk concentrate, mix and There ! They just made a perfect cup of plant-based milk.


this cookbook

The essential vegan air fryer cookbook by Tess Challis

If they need help finding recipes that use their handy air fryer, this will be their best friend.


this cheese kit

The Large Vegan Cheese Making Kit

The Large Cheese Making Kit

Found: a new hobby (which saves money). We present to you … a vegan cheese making kit, which gives them everything they need to make their own vegan mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, halloumi, Greek cheese and parmesan.


this DIY nut ​​milk kit

Easy DIY Nut Milk Set

Why buy milk when you can do it yourself? Treat them to this DIY Nut Milk Set that just might change their life. It’s a $ 20 giveaway that not only teaches them a cool new skill, but also one that saves them a crazy coin.


this tofu press

Tofu press

If tofu is their favorite protein choice, treat them to the game-changer. This tofu press will remove water from it in a very transparent way that requires the smallest amount of labor.


those bags of hilarious products

Funny Food plastic-free product bags

Make their grocery shopping adventure fun with these fun, vegetable-themed reusable produce bags that will make people die in the checkout queue to get their hands on them.


this bath salt set

Bath Salt Box

Who wouldn’t love a ~ free ~ home spa experience ?! Reproduce that with these 100 percent natural, vegan and cruelty-free.


this makeup set

Set of shiny shiny face

This set of Milk Makeup includes a full-size electric glossy lip plumper and mini hydro-tack primer, matte bronzer and KUSH mascara that will undoubtedly be a part of their daily makeup rotation.


these adorable slip-ons

Two-strap zippers

Keep them stylish with these easy-to-wear vegan sandals. They will go well with all types of cuts.


these adorable scrunchies

Scrunchies in pure silk

No one ever has enough scrunchies. These super chic silk vegan clothes are handcrafted and will be gentle on their hair.


this white top

The crew in organic cotton

Everyone needs a classic white t-shirt in their wardrobe, and this one from Everlane is * the boss’s kiss *. What makes it so unique is that it uses GOTS certified organic cotton, which is better for soil and water.


this sweet plant

Monstera Deliciosa plant

Bless your special someone with the gift of being a plant parent with this green leafy beauty.


this pack of candles

Garden candle gift box

Candles are honestly a must see, IMO. These from Brooklyn Candle Studio are made with 100% vegan soy wax and are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free. Plus, they have the nicest labels.


this fancy tea set

Luxury organic tea set

Is your friend a tea lover? Treat them to this set of both caffeinated and decaffeinated teas that are well worth the $$$.


this cube of jewelry

Ecotech Luggage Vegan Leather Jewelry Box

Keeping all of your bling together in one place (in an organized case) can be a pain in the back, but with it vegan leather jewelry box, no one will ever have to go through this chaotic stress again.


this tool for chopping vegetables

Vegetable chopper

You know the vegan person in your life is always trying to find creative ways to cook. their vegetables. This multifaceted kitchen tool will transform their vegetables into all kinds of shapes in such a quick and effortless way.


this lavender handbag

We Fashion Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

Lavender is the RN color, and that’s absolutely everything on this shoulder bag. We can already see all the Instagram photos they will take with this gem.


this silk pillowcase

Vegan silk pillowcase

People have to jump on the trend of silk pillowcases because they really do wonders for your hair and skin. This one from Kitsch is vegan friendly and the animal print design will add a fun touch to your gift recipient’s bed as well.


these daring earrings

Samburu mini hoop earrings

Handcrafted by artisans in Kenya, these small hoop earrings in vibrant hues are truly stunning.


this set of avocado print socks

Pack of 5 avocado socks

TBH, avocado socks should be in everyone’s closet. This set from Amazon comes in five colors, each with its own cartoon avo.


these trendy bowls

Coconut Bowls and Spoons Gift Set

Acai bowls are even more aesthetic thanks to these trendy coconut bowls. (Yes, I didn’t think it would be possible either).


this pearl bracelet

The 4océan pearl bracelet

What is so special about this simple 4ocean bead bracelet is that each piece purchased will provide funds for the disposal of a pound of ocean and coastal waste. Treat that special someone in your life with some trendy candy that helps save our oceans.


this trio of hot sauce

Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Hot sauce lovers: this is the one for you. Spice up your meals with this vegan sauce pack, which includes hot Vermont maple sauce, hot habanero sauce, and hot jalapeño sauce.


this vegetable spiralizer

8 in 1 vegetable cutter

Spiral vegetables> regular vegetables. That’s it. No ifs, ands, or buts.


this body butter

Luxury Body Butter

Find a luxurious feeling body butter that too made from all-natural ingredients is hard to find, but I may have found The One ™ ️. This product from ButteredByKenya has a short ingredient list (we love to see it) that only contains shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil, olive oil, and oils. essential.


this bottle of red

Cabernet Sauvignon

This bottle of high-quality cabernet sauvignon from Daou Vineyards is not only vegan (yay!), But it’s also great on your bank account.


these dry brushes

Set of 3 Mihakka exfoliating tools

If you don’t exfoliate, are you even … clean ?? This nifty set of three vegan beauty tools will meet your person’s exfoliating needs and leave their skin feeling silky smooth.


this cutting board

Bamboo cutting board

A bamboo cutting board will come into the clutch whenever you need to chop food for a recipe.


this eye makeup set

Eye Candy gel, mascara and eyeshadow set

A vegan makeup set that contains all the major products needed to brighten up your eyes for under $ 40? A DREAM.


this meal subscription

Sakara meal program


Save them a trip to the grocery store by paying for their meals for a week with Sakara’s Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Non-GMO Meal Plan.

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