33 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to buy with friends in 2022

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your friends before 2022 has even officially started, you might be running out of brains. On this chocolate-filled holiday, we celebrate all kinds of love – love for that special someone, love for our families and, of course, love for our best friends, who have been with us through thick and thin. tides.

But what do you get your BFF after (probably) all out over the holidays? It’s been so long that ideas could be scarce. Without forgetting that we are still in a panasonic so their interests could have made a full 180. Chocolates and flowers may be the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but it’s always nice to think outside the box. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your friends, from pretty candles to scents. No matter your budget, we have what you need!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends Under $25

Chamberlain Coffee Cocoa Hot Chocolate Grizzly

You may not be in the same geographic area as your BFF to snuggle up on your couch and watch Pride and Prejudice (2005) for the millionth time together, but at least you can offer them similar warmth. Chamberlain Coffee’s latest hot chocolate offering can be made ‘hot’ or become the perfect complement to their coffee by means of a mocha. All that remains is to set a Zoom date!

Angoily Mushroom Cocktail Glass Cup

We don’t say we are telepaths but we are attractive sure your best friend loved these mugs as soon as they appeared on their TikTok FYP – so do them a favor and order them ASAP!

Zara large checked scarf

Who hasn’t been personally attacked by the Acne Studios plaid scarf? Yes, we thought so. If you don’t want to spend all your savings on one, this dupe from Zara will also keep your BFF warm.

Rael Natural Herbal Heat Patch

Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical. These Rael heating pads literally hit whenever Mother Nature decides to unleash her monthly wrath.

All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks

A classic that should be on everyone’s shelves by the latest bell hooks.

Tower28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss

Of course, lip gloss was going to be on this list! You can’t get enough of it and Tower28 Beauty’s Milky Lip Jelly Gloss is one of our all-time favorites.

Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Gloss

Revlon Oil Absorbing Facial Roller

This oil-absorbing facial roller is one of teen voguereaders’ best buys month after month. And while the weather is dry now, think ahead and gift your best friend this Revlon product so she’ll be ready when spring rolls around. (Did we mention it’s also a TikTok favorite?)

The image may contain: bottle and shaker

Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Facial Roller

Starbucks Gift Card

Gift card slander in this economy? If your best friend still wants to try the latest viral Starbucks drinks from TikTok, then this gift card is definitely a treat.

We’re not really strangers

Whether you’re playing with someone you recently met or a long-time friend, this simple card game with tricky questions will help you get to know each other better.

We're Not Really Strangers Card Game in Red Box

Courtesy of the brand

We’re not really strangers

If you’re playing with someone you recently met or even a long-time friend, this simple card game with complex questions will help you get to know each other better. Although two players are recommended for a more intimate setting, groups are also welcome. Fittingly, the game comes with an option with deep questions for personal growth and a safe option for lighter fun.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends Under $50

Faded Serum Topicals

A beauty product that successfully fades dark spots and looks just as cute on your best friend’s vanity? Yes please!

Mango crystal flower earrings

These give Simone Rocha a limited budget and we’re here for it.

Large Heirloom Claw Machete

Machete hair claws are great for people with thick hair because, yes, they stay in place and look great.

Shinier you solid

Glossier has brought back the beloved solid version of its iconic fragrance. If Valentine’s Day isn’t a good day to celebrate this comeback, then when?

Spanx Leggings

If your best friend is experimenting with her personal style, consider getting her leggings. They’re a great way to explore their styling abilities and are definitely a great winter accessory that will help them stay warm.

String Ting Valentine Phone Strap

String Ting has launched a Valentine’s Day-themed phone strap that will look great in any mirror selfie.


My Funny Little Valentine Wristlet Phone Strap

Lego Flower Bouquet Building Kit

Tired: Real bouquets. Wireframe: Lego bouquets.

Crown Affair Towel

The perfect gift for that friend who enjoys spending their weekly spa days at home.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends Under $100

Lelo Sona Cruise

Give pleasure as a gift!

Collina Strada Plaid Crystal Water Bottle

The fanciest water bottle ever, if we say so ourselves.

Urbanstems La Bianca

Dried flowers make the best home decor gifts.

Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition On-Ear Headphones

These Zoë Kravitz-approved headphones are cheaper than AirPods and will also look better with your outfit.

Rellery Pinky Promise Friendship Necklace

A nice detail for this friend who has accompanied you against all odds.

Pleasing the Perfect Polish Set

Couldn’t score Coachella tickets to see Harry Styles with your BFF? It’s happened to the best of us. However, this pleasant polish set can make up for that. Maybe add some heart-shaped sunglasses too.

Cos padded bucket hat

Who wouldn’t want a chic Paddington– a bucket hat?

Maison Margiela Replica Candle

The vibes are immaculate every time you light this candle.

Image may contain: human, person, cosmetic, bottle, text, business card and paper

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Scented Candle

Google Nest

This speaker will go unnoticed in your best friend’s Polly Pocket-inspired living room.

The image may contain: soap

Best Splurge-Worthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Celestial Aries Dooz Bag

Whether they’re Aries or not, this bag of Dooz is worth it.

Lexxola Neo

Considering they might not take these sunglasses off, the wear-per-cost is definitely worth it.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

Insert “I have to put myself first” audio.

Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Small

The perfect bag for that friend who loves to travel (and overpack!)

Vitruvi stone diffuser

If your friend has everything you can already imagine, gift them a diffuser that will go well with their funky new bedroom decor and also scent their home.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Are you and your best friend in a long distance relationship? Give them a Switch so they can play the afternoon with truly entertaining multiplayer games.

Pumps Shushu/Tong x Charles & Keith Chloris Mary Jane

The square end! The detail of the rose! These Mary Janes from the Shushu/Tong x Charles & Keith collaboration will look great beyond Valentine’s Day.

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