31 gift ideas for nurses

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The past two years have been difficult for all of us, but probably not as difficult as the nurses. Every day wears them down, so it’s never been more important to show nurses how much we appreciate them. Whether you’re shopping for an upcoming birthday or holiday or just want to give them a simple thank you gift, one of the items on this list is sure to be appreciated by the nurse or nurses in your life.

Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive! It could be something as simple as a Starbucks gift card or a meal delivered to work. Many of these gifts are under $10, making them perfect for a sweet surprise for your favorite nurse. If you’re looking to splurge a bit more, however, we’ve also included freebies in the $25-$50 range.

While we’ve included items the medical hero in your life needs, like new scrubs or a good hand lotion, we’ve also added things they might want that have nothing to do with their career. . Looking for something for a special vacation? Be sure to check out our Graduation, Mother’s Day, and Easter gift guides!

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Knee High Compression Socks

These socks might be their new favorite accessory after being on their feet all day. Compression socks increase circulation to the legs and feet to prevent aches and pains.

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heart shaped weighted pillow

This heart-shaped pillow isn’t just cute. It is also weighted to relieve aches and pains.

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A wristband is the perfect medium for carrying and transporting their necessities on the way to work. This can hold an ID badge, license, cards, phone, lip balm, etc., and comes in a variety of colors.

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Insulated lunch box

They most often have to take their lunch or dinner on the go. This handy little lunch box is insulated to keep food fresh for hours and even has a strap to lock in their water bottle or umbrella.

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Stethoscope ID Tag

They’ll never have to worry about mistaking their stethoscope for someone else again!

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hand lotion

It’s far from the most glamorous item on the list, but the moisturizing lotion is a must-have for anyone in the medical field. After washing their hands all day, their skin can become very dry.

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Another essential for dry skin: this smart humidifier. See all of our dry skin saviors here!

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Nurse Bangle Bracelet

This pretty little bangle pays homage to their passion without being too kitsch.

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Essential 5-pocket joggers for women

Chic scrubs, what do you say?! These lovely jogging scrubs are also very popular with nurses at all levels.

ten out of 31

Starbucks Gift Card

We don’t know of a single nurse who would refuse a Starbucks gift card. Do you know that getting a gift card is as easy as ordering it from Amazon? There is nothing easier than that!

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Insulated tumbler

Gift this tumbler on its own or with a coffee gift card or water enhancers for an extra little surprise. We also love this larger version which has a handle.

12 out of 31

Revitalizing Cuticle Oil

They may or may not be able to get their nails done depending on where they work, but that doesn’t mean nail care stops there! This conditioning cuticle oil will keep their nail beds in top shape.

13 out of 31

Blue light blocking glasses

Nurses can spend a lot of time looking over screens, which can cause a lot of eye strain. These highly rated blue light blocking glasses are a favorite.

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Gloves in bottled protective lotion

Nurses’ hands are beaten every day. This protective hand lotion will help protect their skin through every wash by strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier. It is light and non-greasy and lasts up to four hours.

15 out of 31

Compression pain relief mask

Another gift that will ease their eyestrain? This compression mask that applies gentle pressure to relieve headaches, eye pain and more.

16 out of 31

Midnight Nurse coloring book

Because sometimes the best way to solve it is to color it.

17 out of 31

License set to relax

This set of herbal remedies contains three different blends that promote stress relief and relaxation, something all nurses can use more of.

18 out of 31

Dog badge reel

This badge reel is sure to brighten the day for your nurse and her patients.

19 out of 31

Mini Florence Nightingale Necklace

This beautiful Florence Nightingale necklace would make a lovely graduation gift for the new nurse to remember why she loves her job so much.

20 out of 31

Apple Watch Series 3

They can’t always have their phone on them, in which case an Apple Watch will be their new lifeline.

21 out of 31

Alert And Oriented Sweatshirt

Trust us, the nurse in your life definitely knows what this sweatshirt reads.

22 out of 31

Before patients, after patients Stemless coffee cup and wine glass

This set of cheeky wine glasses and coffee mugs will make any nurse laugh.

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Gel Pen Set

Ask a nurse and she’ll tell you that somehow all her pens are gone. Hopefully this set of four will tide them over for a while and brighten up their day a bit.

24 out of 31

Brief Silk Skinnie Chouchous

If your nurse has long hair, it’s probably taking a beating from bad hair ties. These silk prevent breakage and are easily removed without leaving marks.

25 out of 31

Knit jacket

Hospitals can certainly get cold. This cute knit jacket can be embroidered with their title and has plenty of pockets for all their necessities.

26 out of 31


Are you looking for a simple and improvised surprise? DoorDash your nurse (and maybe her colleagues!) to lunch or dinner. They will be over the moon about it.

27 out of 31

AirPods case with AirTag holder

If they live and breathe by their AirPods, they’ll love this case that comes with a tag holder to locate their beloved buds if they ever lose them.

28 out of 31

Silicone Ring Set

Wearing a regular wedding ring can be a bit risky for nurses, which is why many choose to wear these silicone bands instead. This option is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

29 out of 31

Wireless charger and UV sanitizer

Do you have any idea how many germs our phones pick up on a daily basis? Now imagine that in a hospital. They can put their phone in this charger/sanitizer duo when they get home and rest easy.

30 out of 31

LEVOIT air purifier

And on the germs note, give them the gift of clean air at home. This air purifier makes our list of the best!

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