30 Best Gift Card Ideas for 2022

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When it comes to buying gifts, not everyone makes it easy. One of my family members who will remain anonymous (OK, he’s my husband) always buys himself everything he needs, even during the holidays. To make things even harder, my brother also lives by the motto “treat yourself” and if he wants a new video game, a new pair of sneakers, or the latest book from his favorite author, he just clicks ” Add to Cart”.

Beyond the frustrating buying habits of my close family members, I know that I’m also not the only one always looking for a few gifts for those people I don’t know very well, whether they’re a contribution to the White Elephant office exchange, a secret gift from Santa, or that holiday get-together at a friend of a friend’s house that calls for a host offering. Say nothing about that person giving you a gift you weren’t expecting, leaving you looking for a last-minute gift. In the face of these difficult situations, especially during the holidays, a gift card may be the best option.

Fortunately, the best gift cards are anything but an escape. We love these options because they allow the recipient to choose their own gift (perfect for the shopaholic in your life) and can even lead your friends and loved ones to discover a new favorite retailer. Take a festive card, write a thoughtful message inside (one of those Christmas quotes, maybe?) and add one of these awesome gift cards. Holiday Gift Exchange = Solved.

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Rare Goods Gift Card


Cloud 9 Living Gift Card


Thrive Market Gift Card


Multi-Store Gift Cards


Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscription


Bookshop.org Gift Card


1 year Disney+ subscription


Universal Standard Gift Card


Charity Choice Gift Cards


Audible Subscription Gift Card


College Gift Gift Card


How to offer a gift card in a creative way?

When you put a gift card under the tree, it’s all in the wrapper. If you are offering an e-card, print out the confirmation and paste it into a pretty card. If you’re crafty, a homemade card will show you’ve gone the extra mile. Or you can expand and put it in a box, then wrap it up, for a fun opening experience.

What is a good gift card amount?

A little research on the retailer or service you offer will tell you the right amount to choose. If the cheapest item on a given website is $25, for example, a $10 gift card won’t go very far.

As a general rule, try to donate an amount that they can use for an item that costs a physical gift that you would usually place under the tree. Also think about the norms of your family. Some like to set monetary ranges to even things out, and that should apply to gift cards as well.

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