2022 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for the Design Lover in Your Life


We all know at least one person – probably several – who likes design a little more than the others. They appreciate the way things are made, who made them, the materials used, the quality…everything down to the smallest detail. They revolve around emerging designers and brands, as well as established iconic brands that have paved the way. It is also sometimes for them that it is the most difficult to buy gifts because you really want to please them! So for the aesthetes in your life, we’ve rounded up ten modern, design-focused gifts that are next level.

If you know someone who likes to swap their wallet for different bags or just likes to carry something small to hold their ID and credit cards, this Issey Miyake iconic geometric design case is fun, especially in this orange beige and pink beige. Color.

glass and silver carafe and two matching glasses

This limited-edition set is a great gift for anyone who enjoys entertaining people for cocktails or enjoys displaying unique glasses. The sculptural pieces feature hand-painted platinum brushstrokes that add to the uniqueness of the design. Truly stunning in person and certainly worthy of display!

blue and white geometric bathrobe

As someone who received a Block Shop dress last year, I can 100% vouch for how awesome they are. I particularly love this one with its cobalt blue and white hand-printed design that nods to Bauhaus artist and designer Alma Siedhoff-Buscher.

Pair of primary colored scissors hanging from a wooden pegboard with other tools

Who doesn’t love new desk accessories, especially if they’re in a primary colorway?! There’s just something about having a nice pair of scissors that makes you feel like a real adult. While it might not be something you would do for yourself, imagine gifting them to that creative person in your life – the one who is always doing things.

Pile of Heller white plastic crockery

If you know, you know. For those who couldn’t, Hellerware is a collection of melamine stackable tableware designed by Massimo Vignelli in the 60s. Although originally only available in bright yellow, white and other colors followed. Hellerware eventually ceased production, but it can still be found used. The good news is that Heller is bringing back the iconic dinnerware before the end of the year and it’s currently available for pre-sale. It’s the perfect gift for design lovers who lean towards nostalgia or those who love clean, minimalist design.

Two elongated color block lighters with one open

For that person who lights up your life or whatever, this color block lighter is a great gift. Available in two colorways, this lighter is definitely one to watch for friends who tend to light up their preferred method of smoking and then pocket the lighter when done.

rainbow spectrum tray

For color-obsessed design enthusiasts, this stainless steel tray offers 210 easy-on-the-eye possible color combinations. The warped design is simple, making it the perfect tote for keys, a wallet or change, but with a spectrum of colors to enhance it.

cover of the green book on how to live with objects

From Sight Unseen founders Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov, this book is for those looking for a more accessible approach to interiors through objects. The pair share inspiring interiors and will help guide readers through practical advice on how and what to collect. Besides being a book someone can display on their coffee table, it’s ideal for those who love design and want to turn their home into a place they really want to live.

silver triple loop ring

Designed as part of a collaboration between Norwegian music duo Röyksopp and jewelry brand Tom Wood, this ring is bold enough to make a statement, yet a refined and sculptural ring that anyone would love to wear. Additional band rings can be added in the open slots for a more personalized look.

clear and gray glass vases with flowers

While BZIPPY is known for their ceramic work, they partnered with Areaware to design their first piece ever made in glass. The resulting stacked hexagonal shapes pay homage to brutalist design, making for a lovely unique vase to display, empty or filled with flowers.

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Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found looking for vintage merchandise, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen or reworking playlists on Spotify.

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