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Every wedding anniversary is a milestone, but choosing a gift for your loved one can be overwhelming. When looking for a gift for your spouse, you don’t want to spoil the surprise by asking him what he wants to get. Dropping subtle clues can do the trick, but could leave room for misinterpretation.

With these things in mind, most gift givers end up with traditional practices like giving flowers and cherished dates. However, some go beyond the custom and choose simple but memorable pieces such as eternity rings, photo frames, mugs, t-shirts and more.f.

A shortlist of wedding gift ideas above might get you started, but there are other items worth considering below for a happy couple’s anniversary.

Personalization is key

Anyone can have home necessities, beauty items, appliances, and all kinds of gifts right from their favorite store or online merchant. But unlike traditional holidays and anniversaries, wedding gifts should hold a very special place in your heart and that of your partner. Mix conventional and special by giving your loved one personalized gifts.

  1. Memories engraved: A piece of jewelry can be engraved with a short message that you want your beau to always remember. Engraving your lover’s name, a favorite quote, a memorable date on a ring, necklace or any piece of jewelry can instantly make it unique. (1)
  2. Jewelry pictures: A photo of your spouse, family or children can be engraved on a pendant. If you have more money to spend, consider adorning it with precious stones such as diamonds.
  3. Personalized phone case: Your partner’s eyes will surely light up if they receive a custom made phone case. Some companies offer customization, and prices vary depending on the materials and labor required. (1)
  4. Portrait: Giving your loved one a self-portrait shows that you appreciate their individuality. Several artists offer their services according to your choice of medium and style. (1)
wedding gift ideas

Together forever

It doesn’t matter if you’re a couple that does it all, every time, or the exact opposite. If you want to spend more time and have fun with your spouse, get or do the following:

  1. A date for dinner: Make your birthday even more special by spending it at a fancy restaurant. Order your partner’s favorite dish or the house specialty and accompany it with a bottle of wine.
  2. Matching Tattoos: Tattoos can also serve as permanent reminders of your love for each other. So why not take your loved one to the nearest tattoo shop for some fresh ink?
  3. Couple shirt: A couple shirt printed with a private joke or your endearing words can be something to smile or laugh at when the going gets tough.
  4. Matching bathrobes: If you think you’re too old to have matching shirts, how about splurging on a few plush dresses to represent your coziness and comfort in your wedding?
  5. Framed personalized couple portrait: Hanging up a picture of you and your spouse is a constant reminder of your wedding vows. Request one commissioned by an artist online or in person. Choose a custom frame based on your style and preference to take it to the next level. (2)
  6. Card games for couples: If you ever find yourself stuck with the person you love, it helps to avoid boredom while playing games. There are different types of games depending on your preferences. For example, there is a card game for partners that solves mysteries or another that encourages relationship discussions. Another kind of card game for couples kicks things up a notch with their sexy challenges and activities. (2) (3)
wedding anniversary gift ideas

Consistency is gold

A subscription box contains several products based on a theme and is sent in a recurring period, mostly monthly. These days, online subscriptions aren’t the only trendy things you can gift a loved one.

  1. Subscription boxes: Whether your partner loves makeup, wellness products, wines or coffee, subscription sets are your best friends. There’s even a plant subscription box that sends out new batches regularly. These greens come in adorable bonus jars. Just pay the subscription fee so you and your partner can enjoy and try them all. (4)
  2. Preserved or eternal roses: A beautiful bouquet of flowers from your partner may seem trivial. However, it is even better to modify it by offering preserved roses that last up to a year. Plus, you can buy everlasting flowers that don’t fade, just like your feelings for each other. (2) (4)
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When convenience rhymes with love

Speaking of preferences, you can’t go wrong with a gift that matches your loved one’s personality, job, and lifestyle. Whether your spouse often travels for work or accumulates travel points with you, here are some gift ideas that will be appreciated:

  1. Travel to an exotic destination: If you’re still not halfway to filling out your travel list, use your birthday as an excuse to visit one of your dream destinations.
  2. A thumbtack map: Conversely, if you want to be reminded of the many places you’ve been, get a map and mark those places as a reminder of the fun times.
  3. Bespoke travel essentials: Frequent travelers will appreciate if you give them personalized travel items. Add style to your luggage, sneakers, clutches and travel kits by embroidering your spouse’s initials on them or having your favorite seamstress make one. (1) (4)
  4. Overnight bag: A travel bag is perfect when your partner needs to quickly travel to nearby areas.
  5. Shoulder bag: A small purse with your essentials such as a phone, passport, ID cards or wallet can be handy to avoid carrying a heavy load every time, especially if you are flying.

When you want your spouse to feel good

Receiving a gift from a loved one is often enough to make you happy. Imagine how your partner will feel if you hand them a gift meant to bring out positivity, both literally and figuratively?

  1. Masseurs: In addition to a day at the spa, you can give your partner wellness products to enhance self-care even at home. A handheld massager can eliminate sore muscles and improve blood circulation. The same goes for facial massagers that double as beauty tools. (4)
  2. A white paper: Show how much you love your spouse by filling a blank book with handwritten love notes and photos. It’s like writing several versions of your vows in a very accessible book. (4)


There are many ways to show your love to your spouse. Of course, you can always tell them your feelings. But showing it to them can be best, especially on special occasions.

When considering a gift for your partner, you would want something that has special meaning for both of you. Pick something that conveys your feelings for your partner and realign them into those tangible and non-tangible elements. Whatever you give your beau, always make it more memorable by showing how happy you are when you give it to him.


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