19 gift ideas for book lovers who love to relax and read for hours

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We all know we have a friend who’s always got his nose in a book, and right now you’re probably wondering what to get him or her this holiday season. While you can always give them an Indigo or Amazon gift card, why not give them something a little more thoughtful?

Here are 19 gift ideas for the bookworm in your life, from products that will keep them warm and warm during the winter, to the best-selling novels of 2021.

Kobo Balance 2

Price: $ 219.99

Details: An e-reader is a more practical and portable alternative to lugging around a stack of hardcover books. This one from Kobo is waterproof and is compatible with audiobooks if they prefer to listen to their favorite books.

$ 219.99 on RAKUTEN KOBO

“What a strange paradise” by Omar El Akkad

Price: $ 20.60 ($ 29.95)

Details: This Giller Prize-winning novel deals with the global refugee crisis from the perspective of a young child. It’s a moving story, totally raw and humanizing.

$ 20.60 on INDIGO

Umbra Concealed Heavy Duty Metal Floating Wall Bookcase

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 34.97

Details: These floating shelves are perfect for displaying their most colorful titles in a practical and stylish way. The pack comes with three shelves in two sizes that can hold 15-20 pounds.

$ 34.97 on AMAZON CANADA

Enno Vatti 100 pound scratch poster

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 34.97

Details: This scratch-off poster will help them track their progress by delving into the best books of all time, from classic literature to recent bestsellers. Each panel unveils a beautiful little graphic that will be nicely displayed on their wall once the list is complete.

$ 34.97 on AMAZON CANADA

NOTA Book Lover Gift Box


Price: $ 35

Details: This three-piece set contains all the tools every book lover needs in their life. It comes with a clip-on reading light for night reading, a gold bookmark, and a protective sleeve to protect their books from stains and tears on the go.

$ 35 on INDIGO

Kate Spade New York Canvas Book Tote with Inside Pocket

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 38

Details: This adorable tote bag is ideal for the person who always visits the library or the local bookstore. It’s made of a thicker canvas that doesn’t tear easily and has a small inside pocket that can store your library card.


“In cold blood” by Truman Capote

Price: $ 20.90

Details: For the true crime lover, this detailed account of the true murder of the Clutter family is a deeper dive than most documentaries you’ll find on Netflix. It goes beyond the singular case and tackles topics such as violence in America, its roots and its consequences.

$ 20.90 on AMAZON CANADA

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Price: $ 149.95

Details: If your friend likes to read while sipping hot tea or coffee, you can get them this heated mug that will stay at their preferred temperature. They can charge it through the included coaster.

$ 149.95 at AMAZON CANADA

TILISMA Book Page Holder

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 19.99

Details: For the person who always reads on the go, this page spreader will help them read with one hand. It comes in five different sizes and some buyers even say it helps take the strain off their wrists!

$ 19.99 at AMAZON CANADA

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 28.80

Details: If your friend always lends books but never collects them, this new stuff bundle can help them keep track of their titles. It comes with 20 pockets for storing books, 20 starter cards, a stamp and ink pad, and a pencil.

$ 28.80 on AMAZON CANADA

Cratejoy book subscription


Price: Varies

Details: You don’t know which book to buy them but have an idea of ​​their favorite genre? You can offer them a book subscription box. With Crratejoy you can choose how many months you want to gift and there are many different options including subscription boxes with non-book related items.

Find it on CRATEJOY

“Klara and the Sun” by Kazuo Ishiguro

Price: $ 25.11

Details: If they’re into science fiction, you can get them a copy of this gripping novel about a dystopian world where genetically engineered children with wealthy parents have androids called Artificial Friends (AF) as companions. The story is told from the POV of one of these AFs.

$ 25.11 on AMAZON CANADA

Cavertin women’s fancy socks with gift box

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 14.99

Details: When they have their book in hand and their feet raised, others will know that they should not disturb them when they are wearing these socks. Tons of reviews say they are really comfortable and warm.

$ 14.99 at AMAZON CANADA

The journal of book lovers

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 18.99

Details: This little reading journal is like their own personal GoodReads journal where they can keep track of all of their grades and ratings. It also has sections for their wishlist, books they’ve loaned, a checklist of acclaimed books, and book club information.

$ 18.99 at AMAZON CANADA

Candle “Bed of Candles & A Good Book”

KindmooseCandleCo | Etsy

Price: $ 39.99

Details: This hand-cast candle from the Canadian company KindmooseCandleCo is made of natural soy wax and has an Insta-worthy design. You can choose from 25 delicious flavors like carrot spice cake and oatmeal cookies.

$ 39.99 on ETSY

Winthome portable blanket with sleeve and foot pockets

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 38.99

Details: You can help them warm up while they snuggle up with a good book with this portable fleece blanket. It has sleeves, foot pockets and a roomy front pocket to store their latest paperback.

$ 38.99 at AMAZON CANADA

CDEN pregnancy pillow

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 58.99

Details: Although it is technically a pregnancy pillow, anyone can enjoy the comfort of this U-shaped pillow. It will support their neck if they like to read in bed and is also very comfortable to sit on. snuggle up at night.

$ 58.99 at AMAZON CANADA

“The defining decade” by Meg Jay

Price: $ 23.75

Details: If they like non-fiction books, self-help, or going through a quarter-life crisis (like I was when I found this book), clinical psychologist Meg Jay’s book might give them some tips. It contains anecdotes from his actual clients that are SO relatable and breaks down the careers, relationships, and psychological struggles that many of us go through.

$ 23.75 on AMAZON CANADA

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