18 Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas In 2022 – What To Buy At 18

Yoora Kim

When you hit the big 1-8, you can make a ton of life-changing decisions on your own, like getting a tattoo or body piercing (sry not sry, mom), voting for elected officials (pass, democracy! ), or buy a lotto ticket (we can dream, right?). So, as a gift giver, you have a huge responsibility to make sure your gift is in step with all the transitions (think, going from high school to college, taking a gap year, or finding a job) that happen. occur in adolescents. life. It’s a tricky task, but we’ve found the best 18th birthday gifts for any newly born adult.

There is usually a lot pressure that comes with being 18, which can rub off on the donor. But before you hit the panic button and abandon your mission by grabbing a gift card, posting a celebratory snap or throwback photo with a cute caption, and calling it a day, take a deep breath or two. . While the thought of shopping for your brother, sister, friend, cousin, niece, nephew, or really any ~cool, hipster teenager~ in Gen Z can be a bit overwhelming because you want to get it* just right*, we’ve done all the hard work and digging for you.

This list contains only the cutest and trendiest 18th birthday gift ideas that will suit every teen’s personality and personality. The birthday girl is off to college and needs some inspired finishing touches to complete her dorm room? Look no further than this adorable strawberry flower vase or boba tealight candle. Need something for the electronically inclined buddy? Say hello to this super high quality portable speaker. And yes, of course, we’ve included Airpods because they’re literally the most convenient thing ever. Trendy, timeless or personalized – this handy gift guide has all the choices you need to make anyone’s 18th birthday their best ever.

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This one goes without saying, but most people would probably be really excited to be the recipients of the new AirPods. But before giving them the ultimate music must-have from Apple, make sure they’re not Android users!

As we said, turning 18 can be quite stressful, which is why the teenager in your life could use a good relaxing bubble bath. The bath bombs in this kit from Lush will make their bath water the most Instagram-worthy moment, with glitter and neon colors taking over the tub. The set even comes with an adorable banner to add to the festive vibe!


Do It For Yourself: A Motivational Journal by Kara Cutruzzula

Never underestimate the power of a good journal. Sometimes all you need is a simple writing prompt to figure out what you want to do with your life or where you see yourself going. Paired with the 18 year transition time, this journal is sure to be a big hit.


Luma 75 pocket projector

Um, who doesn’t want to turn their dorm into a mini movie theater? This HDMI-compatible projector will put the teenager in the place of your life the place to participate in late-night marathons and video game nights. Bonus: it fits in your pocket!


Almost Adult: Everything You Need to Know to Pull Yourself Together (Somehow)

If they haven’t already seen it first hand, they will soon find that adulthood is tough. This book makes growing pains a little easier to navigate, adding a few laughs along the way.


Candle Snif Collection 1

TBH A lonely teenager’s first place probably won’t smell the best due to the dishes piling up and dirty laundry that hasn’t been touched in ages. Snif’s try before you buy option makes it easy for recipients to decide which scent they want in their home. Each full-size candle comes with a free two-ounce mini sample candle that you can light. The recipient can keep the larger versions they like and return the ones they don’t.

For the budding gardener, a new addition to their plant collection will be much appreciated, especially if it doesn’t take up too much space and isn’t super easy to kill (they’re way too busy to water this thing every day ). Good news for them – this adorable baby ticks both boxes.

Anything edible is a “Yes!” in our books. This aesthetic box of Milk Bar comes with 12 treats, including their Compost Cookies®, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies, Chocolate Confetti Cookies and Confetti Cookies. Plus, they ship anywhere in the United States, making them the perfect long-distance gift idea.

Sprucing up and spicing up a small apartment or dorm has never been easier. This strawberry-shaped vase is the ultimate centerpiece once you’ve tossed in a bouquet of flowers from your local grocer. Fair warning though, this piece is definitely a conversation starter and everyone will be asking “Where did you get that?”

Crystal clear sound is usually compromised by the need for a portable speaker. Luckily, the JBL Clip 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker does both. The 18-year-old music fan in your life will go wild over how good Harry Styles sounds on this device no matter where it goes. Did we mention that the battery offers up to 10 hours of battery life?


4mm eKO® Lite Yoga Mat

We love a moment of fitness that turns into a moment of fitness, that’s why we chose this super thick Manduka yoga mat. The gorgeous purple hues are soothing and will look great in any sports selfies the yogi can take.

Gen Z is totally into tote bags, and this recycled plaid print option from Baggu is perfect. Carriers can choose to carry their laptop, workout gear, clothes, art supplies, and groceries over their shoulder with the adjustable strap or use the handles that allow for narrower carrying.

Jewelry lovers 🤝 Zodiac obsessed. This bead and star necklace is fun and whimsical, perfect for the birthday star, your soon to be 18 year old. The strands are customizable, making it easy to add charms and details that speak to each individual.

A rechargeable diffuser keeps their space fresh and clean while they work, school and relax. The optional light feature sets the mood, giving the room a soft candlelight glow while the relaxing, customizable scent fills the space for up to eight hours.


The Overachievers Gift Box

Their bathroom will be stocked and ready for beauty fun with this set from Milk Makeup that includes blush, mascara, primer, fixing spray, and lime green makeup bag to store everything. This is the ultimate gift for beauty fans!

Boba tea lovers, get up! It’s time to shine (literally) with this kawaii food lamp from Urban Outfitters. The smiley face will make going to college less lonely, like having a boyfriend on your desk. Not a drink fan? Smoko has other options, including a small dumpling and a small frog.


Explorer Box + $85 Gift Card

The birthday girl is about to experience her signature scent with this personalized scent experience from Olfactory NYC. First, the recipient receives the Explorer’s Box, where they choose their favorite scent before redeeming the included gift card to get the Handyman’s Box. With the handyman’s box, they add specific notes to the base perfume. Then they use the rest of the gift card to purchase their final creation.


Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Trainers

OK, High-Top Converse will never be, already go out of style and that’s the plain truth. While we love some of the fun colors, prints and embroidery details the brand has added to their signature trainers, sometimes it’s just a matter of going back to basics. This black pair will do more than do!

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