17 perfect gift ideas for Lebanese Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us search for the perfect gift to express our gratitude and love to our mothers.

The list of their dedication and tasks to enjoy is too long to include here. You probably know everything, so here’s a list of some gift ideas your mom will love!

#1 Cards to show how much you love her

This beautiful, traditional way of expressing love and gratitude has more to offer than its modern email substitute. They feel more personal, they can be kept forever, and they’re still handy to re-read whenever your mom wants or needs them.

Give your mother a lovely card where you personally express your love and gratitude and how much she means to you. Not everyone feels comfortable expressing their feelings verbally. This is your chance to do so, by taking the time to reflect on the importance of your mother in your life.

Giving your mother a gift shouldn’t be expensive after all. Your genuine words will be more valuable in his heart.

#2 A special cake for the occasion

They are just beautifully festive for the occasion, these cakes for Mother’s Day! You can choose from the many pastries on offer and have your mother celebrate surrounded by family. After all, moms like to share. It’s probably what they do best.

#3 A Chocolate Ladies favorite

If your mom is a Chocolate Lady or simply a chocolate lover, consider these delights in a pretty box or gift tray.

Make her smile with each piece she’ll enjoy all week long.

#4 Say it with flowers

Florography, or the language of flowers, is as well practiced today as it has been since its origins thousands of years ago. It is not known who first invented it. We pay homage to mother nature, however, for all the glorious beauty of the flower varieties she blesses us with.

Flowers, after all, heal the soul and the heart and brighten up the room. Visit your nearest florist for advice on the best flower arrangement to express your love to your mother.

The most popular flowers for Mother’s Day:

  • Tulips celebrate the cheerfulness of spring and express deep and perfect love. What could be more perfect than a mother’s love for her children?
  • Pink roses express joy and admiration,
  • Yellow roses mean friendship, which is fine if you have a friendly bond with your mother,
  • Lush lilies represent purity, fertility and rebirth,
  • colorful chrysanthemummoms – also called “mummy” – represents happiness, love, longevity and joy.
  • Iris flowers are elegant and graceful; they represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration, depending on the color.
  • Carnations express love, fascination, strength, distinction, protection and healing; also according to their color.
  • Orchidea is a bit unique and could be planted in a pot to last. This flower speaks of love, luxury, beauty and strength.

#5 Various gifts in one!

Gift sets are popular for good reason. You can offer several gifts in a single box to pamper your mom and they’re just great for getting us out of our indecision about what to choose. The gift box options are endless in the market. Head to her favorite stores and see what gifts they have prepared that your mom will appreciate.

#6 Show off your skincare with beauty products

There are many mothers who put the needs of their family before themselves, and when it comes to buying a necessary beauty product, they decide that the budget is better allocated to them. So this is your opportunity to give her that special beauty product for the skin that she wanted but rejected as “not a priority”.

#7 Makeup

If your mom likes to wear makeup, well, makeup would be a really good idea. You can give her lipsticks, concealers, blush, eye shadows and much more.

#8 A pleasant dining experience

Don’t get me wrong, moms won’t admit it, but they love being served a great meal that they didn’t have to cook themselves and all that prep and cleanup before and after that entails. . Choose a restaurant serving a type of cuisine that your mother does not cook herself at home and come and spoil her in a charming setting, served like a queen.

#9 Perfume

Perfumes and perfumes are great gift options and prices vary according to budgets. Pick the scents your mom is likely to like, or just buy her her favorite scent.

#10 Cheese & Wine Evening

If your mother is a wine lover, you can offer her a fancy and/or original wine for Mother’s Day or prepare a wine & cheese evening at home. It will be a great party. Remember that you are doing the work before and after. It’s her special day, let her be served like kings!

#11 Breakfast in bed

Make your gift the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes. For a change, let his day not be one of rushing out of bed to go about his chores, but of being spoiled by a good breakfast in bed. Prepare some soft music to optimize her breakfast-in-bed experience. You will make his day!

#12 Self-Care Day

The gift of a day at the spa is an expression of love and gratitude. It tells your mother that you care about her and her well-being and that she deserves to rest, relax and be pampered with a good professional massage.

#13 Aromatic Gifts

If you can’t treat her to a day at the spa, aromatic candles and soaps are a great option, which she can enjoy for more than a day and at her own pace and at her leisure. These aromatic products are awesome. Not only do they fill her personal space with a soothing scent, but they have many skin and mood benefits.

#14 A gift for lounging in trendy comfort

Loungewear or similar homewear (like pajamas) has been a worldwide trend to allow for both comfort and graceful appearance.

Moms don’t have to rush to change what they’re wearing in the privacy of their home when someone unexpectedly shows up at the door. Loungewear is just perfect and cool, and also a must-have for ultimate comfort after work, during the weekend or even when working from home.

#15 Jewelry and/or other accessories

A piece of jewelery is always much appreciated, and if your budget does not allow it, there are plenty of choices on the market such as gold-plated pieces or even a nice affordable accessory. After all, moms are really cool, they don’t want you breaking the bank to buy them a present.

#16 A trendy handbag

Maybe it’s time for your mom to get a new “favorite” handbag? If so, this could be the gift you are looking for. Again, the choices and options are limitless in the market, along with the prices that fit different budgets. Lebanon produces amazing locally made handbags and purses. Consider it!

#17 Knitwear

Crochet is back in vogue, and many Lebanese artisans produce beautiful hand-knit pieces, like cardigans, sweaters, shawls, ponchos, even handbags, and more. Check them out here for ideas.

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