15 Best 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2022 – Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Couples

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two years no enough Sounds like 10 years old, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive! The fact that you and your other half have been together or married for two years is absolutely worth celebrating with a nice dinner, maybe a night out, a weekend, and of course, a gift. If you’ve done everything for your first anniversary and you’re not sure what to get your husband, wife or partner this year, we’ve created this gift guide just for you (you’re welcome).

When you’ve been married for two years, you’re still pretty much a newlywed, so we’ve included plenty of romantic gifts for you to enjoy the honeymoon phase. We’ve also included lots of classic birthday gifts (think flowers, wine, and candy) and just great general gift ideas that everyone would want (think comfy dresses and comfy sweatshirts). So make it easy for yourself and choose one of the 15 gifts below to give for your second birthday.

Oh, and you’ll want to add this article to this time next year when you celebrate your third birthday. We have gift ideas for days—uh, years.

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this champagne service

Celebration Box

Do you need a special occasion to pop a bottle of champagne? No, but it’s definitely more fun. This set comes with two mini bottles and a champagne shooter to pop out whenever you feel like it (or on the big day, the choice is yours!).


this hot sauce set


If you are looking for a saucy gift for your very hot spouse (let’s see how many hot sauce puns I can squeeze in here, okay?), give them this pack of assorted sauces for Spice up things in place.


this funny card

2nd anniversary card

When you think of two years in terms of seconds, that’s a long time to share your life with someone. And if you can’t imagine spending another second without them, get them this card.


this really comfortable bathrobe

Snoozewear™ Bathrobe

Imagine the two of you cuddled together on the sofa while wearing these dreamy dresses. Feels like a duvet, fits like a dressing gown, this wearable blanket is perfect for the couple who love their nights.


this gift for a green thumb

Plant Parent Starter Kit

If you don’t have kids yet but would like to parent a few houseplants first, this gift set has everything you need to get started. growth your fam: curtains, trivets and plant food.


this chic candy

Snack box Love letters

You know what a pretty sweet gift idea ? A candy box, but not just any box. Each envelope opens to reveal 16 different types of fancy candies and a sweet love letter inside.


this cooking class

The Best Homemade Farfalle and Marinara Sauce Ever

Whether you like to cook together or just love experience gifts in general, this pasta making class would be such a fun gift. and date night idea.


this cozy sheet set

Brushed Cotton Sheet Set

These 100% cotton sheets are as comfortable as the two of you are in your relationship (that is, very). Designed to look like your favorite worn out t-shirt, this sheet set will keep you rolling out of bed in the morning.


this hoodie

Gender Inclusive Movement Organic Cotton Blend Hoodie in Gallnut

Chances are you already share everything. Get a pair of soft sweatpants, like this set here, for both of you to share to fight.


this gift box of candles

Trio of burns

If you’re shopping for a candle lover, get this trio of candles for lovers. Light them, melt them, then pour the jojoba and soybean oils all over for a good massage.


this bath soak

Mini Release Milk Bath Soak

If you feel like the bouquet of roses is really played, get creative. This bath soak is made with coconut milk, cocoa butter, rose essential oil and real rose petals.


this massage oil

Validate massage oil

Anya Lust x Marriage Boot Camp

Of course, you could shell out tons of cash for a couples massage, or you can buy that luxurious bottle of hemp-infused body oil and opt for an at-home massage instead.


this pack of 5 panties

Assortment of 5 Original Rise lace flip flops

Whether they prefer comfy underwear or cute lingerie, this panty set ticks both boxes. If you want to go the underwear route, this is a sure bet.


this relaxing gift set

BeLoved Box of the BeRelaxed couple

Romantic gifts take work to plan, but this gift set makes it easy to surprise your special someone with a relaxing evening. Inside, they’ll find a massage oil candle, body butter, sugar scrub, bath tea, soap, eye mask, and a couples conversation starter card.


this body lotion

Organic Body Milk, Seductive Sandalwood

Look after yourself, but make it attractive. This body lotion has notes of sandalwood, which not only smell great, but also bring out ~ sensual vibes. ~ Perfect for celebrating two years of marriage and keeping things exciting.

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