10 gift ideas for travel lovers


1. Trips and guides

Anyone who travels a lot is generally a good reader. Books are always a gift that brings us more knowledge, being also an excellent option to help distract during those long flights, for those who cannot fall asleep while flying. When taking them on your travels, smaller and lighter books are preferred, as they are easy to carry and do not compromise the weight of your luggage. Guidebooks are also a great option for destinations that the person really cares about, and the ones listed below are three publications that are recommended to follow:

  • Great Travels by Lonely Planet
  • 1000 places to see before you die
  • Destinations of a Lifetime – National Geographic
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2. Portable travel scale for your bags

A particularly essential item for any frequent flyer is a scale, considering that luggage is becoming increasingly restricted, making it more difficult to exceed the allowed weight, and is always a risk to the ability to pay. a surcharge for excess baggage. The portable scale is therefore an element that you must always have in your bag, helping you to avoid many problems.

3. power bank

How many times during a trip has it happened to you that as soon as you arrive in the most beautiful place you can imagine, your camera or phone battery runs out? To avoid this unpleasant problem, a power bank will make all the difference, mainly for photography-loving travelers. If you want to give something useful to that friend who travels very often and likes to photograph and instagramthen this is one of those good gifts.

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4. Travel-based decorative items

Travel enthusiasts normally like to extend their interest to where they live, whether it’s with souvenirs from several places in the world all over their house, magnets in their refrigerator doors, mugs, map signs of the world, photography albums, pictures on the wall, pillowcases, rugs, keychains or representations of famous monuments such as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower. There are even specialized stores for them, such as Viagema or Gate 05, but it is not difficult to find such other sites on the web.

5. The iconic, versatile and useful backpack

It’s not just “backpackers” who use them on the road, and for anyone who travels, backpacks are an almost unavoidable part of your luggage, even if you carry them empty from the start. When walking anywhere, whether in nature or in the city, backpacks distribute the weight of objects well, thus avoiding back problems. There are many different models, even some for specific purposes such as hiking the trails or for photographic equipment.

Check out some suggestions:

  • Quechua 30L (excellent even in cabin luggage)
  • Forclaz Quechua 50q trekking backpack
  • Easy backpack for photographic equipment
  • Multifunctional travel bag
Forclaz travel backpack © Decathlon

6. Neck pillows

Neck pillows add comfort to your journey, whether by car, plane, train or bus. There are now pillows for all tastes, from massaging varieties, very useful when your neck hurts, to more discreet, colorful ones, with a hoodie, etc. Prefer those with a button closure or a strap, as they make it much easier to carry on your travels. For those who don’t give up practicality and saving space in their bag, there are inflatable options, like the one from Náutika.

seven. Travel size cosmetic bag

It is very important to acquire a kit of small empty bottles that you can fill with everything you need in terms of hygiene products, which could be your usual ones.
On the other hand, instead of these empty jars, many companies already offer miniature products that perfectly fit your necessities, such as makeup, skin, hair products, perfume, or any other. L’Occitane, for example, has an exclusive space on its website with thumbnails, but you can also find options on sites like Sephora, for example. Below is a list of some kits that you can buy for your well-being and beauty during your trip.

  • Wella Professionals Nutricurls Kit
  • Phytokeratin Extreme Kit Travel Size
  • Good Girl Pouch by Carolina Herrera
Travel set © Carolina Herrera

8. Solid shampoo and conditioner

With liquid restrictions in your hand luggage in place for all international travel, solid cosmetics are gaining more and more attention. Their duration is another advantage of the solid shampoo, which can last up to about two months. Anyone who has had trouble with excess liquid products in luggage will love this gift. You can buy:

  • Bam & Boo solid shampoo or La Femme vegan bar shampoo, among many others available on the market.

9. Earplugs: Headphones and earphones

For all those who can’t live without music, there’s nothing like a good playlist on their phone because it keeps them company on the go, especially when you’re alone. Some airliners lend headphones during your flight, but their quality is poor, because it is better to invest in your headphones. For travel, the best and most practical options are the smaller ones, headphones or in-ear headphones, best when it’s wireless. Here is a list of some that may be more useful below:

  • Xiaomi Wireless Airdots
  • Phillips on-ear headphones
  • JBL in-ear headphones

ten. External hard drives

It’s a much-desired gift for travelers, photographers or vloggers, especially now that social media is used so much. To help you empty your memory cards or make backups on the go, an external hard drive makes all the difference, mainly for those who shoot in raw once this type of archive takes up a lot more space in your camera. Here are some examples of external drives:

  • 1TB Toshiba HD Portable External Hard Drive
  • Sandisk Extreme 500GB External Laptop SSD
  • Lacie 2TB External Hard Drive
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If you are addicted to travel, do not miss the products that will be essential to your well-being during your odysseys around the world. On the other hand, if you are a friend of this person who misses a trip every month, then be original and surprise her with one of these gifts, she is sure to love it!

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