10 eco-friendly gift ideas for Earth Day (and every day!)

Looking to go green with your gifts and save the planet while showing some love? This list is for you.

Earth Day is an important day each year when we all pay tribute to the environment and explore ways to protect and sustain it. And while it’s not traditionally a giveaway party, it’s a great excuse to find eco-friendly versions of all of our favorite ways to be thoughtful.

Here are some of our favorite Earth Day eco-friendly gifts that make the perfect gift for the planet, every day.

Wearwell Rotika bowl

This natural, hand-woven rattan basket was made by artisans in Cambodia who earn a living wage. If they need a bowl to keep their random items, from keys to face masks to their phone, this can be placed by the door and is easily accessible whenever they come home late of a long day.


POLYWOOD pet feeder

Our pets are beloved members of the family, and this eco-friendly pet feeder is made of sustainable wood made from recycled plastic containers destined for landfill and the ocean. It can be built to order in a variety of colors to really personalize it, and comes with removable stainless steel dishes, so cleaning couldn’t be easier. You want your pets to have an easy and accessible and also enjoyable eating experience, and it’s just that, plus it’s environmentally friendly at the same time.

polywood.comfrom $139.00

Clean & Pure Beekeeper’s Favorite Lip Balm, 4 Pack

The key to being more earth-friendly is to make better choices every day. These 100% natural lip balms come in fully recyclable tubes and packaging, and their farms run on renewable energy and water. But besides being good for the environment, they’re also a way to look and feel good every day, all day – and that’s the greatest gift.


Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket

There’s nothing quite like the gift of a comforting good night’s sleep, and this beige organic plush weighted blanket delivers just that. Science shows that weighted blankets have a soothing, calming effect and increase relaxation. It’s also great for the environment because it’s made from organic cotton velor with all-natural glass beads for even pressure.

Saatva.comfrom $345.00

Westerlay Black Sapphire Gemstone Orchid

This beautiful orchid with a striking deep dark purple color comes with two partially open flower spikes in a black ceramic pot. There is no better way than to give the gift of plant life (especially the magnificent plant life) to encourage better care and appreciation of the beauty of nature around us.


Grouphug Solar Window Charger

Many believe solar technology is the key to Earth’s future, but renewable energy doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. This window solar charger is easy to install and even easier to use, and can charge all your devices with the power of the sun. How simple and easy (and cool?!) is it?


Out of the Woods Shopper in Pure Cord

A big part of the Earth Day concept is supporting products that will make your life and routine more environmentally friendly. A big part of that is avoiding paper and plastic bags by carrying reusable bins. This everyday shopping bag has a nautical woodsy feel thanks to the rope handles, but the bag itself is made from supernatural paper that looks and feels like leather but is washable, durable and 100% vegan. Use it for everything from groceries to transporting lunch to work and daily errands.


Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle with Spout Lid

Disposable plastic bottles are terrible for the environment, which makes a reusable insulated bottle a fantastic Earth Day gift idea. This will obviously help eliminate plastic bottle waste – studies have shown that opting for a reusable bottle can save over 12 billion single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. But it will also save you time and money. Simply fill up wherever you are, whenever you need it, whether at school, work or even at the airport. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any need or lifestyle.

Takeya.comfrom $29.99

apple tree to be

Our children will inherit this planet, and a way to care for the environment to teach them good habits now. Teach them to appreciate the earth by giving them a project like this apple tree planting kit, which includes everything needed to create their own apple orchard.


Classpass gift card

You can use this gift card to book everything from your favorite outdoor fitness class to wellness and salon visits, which is a way to both support nature through the outdoor fitness classes to your own inner well-being from the inside. Spending time in nature is good for you, but also a way to appreciate the planet. In fact, Mindbody reported that 38% of consumers have started spending more time outdoors and in nature to support their mental well-being.


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