Documents required for consignment loan

If you already know the different types of loans and have opted for payroll loans, you know that it is known to be simple, not bureaucratic and easy to contract, right? Check now what are the documents required to hire your payroll!

What are the required documents?

What are the required documents?What are the required documents?

One of the great advantages of payroll loans is its simple hiring process. To ensure the best rates and a good deadline, simply request yours from the financial institution and submit:

  • your ID
  • your social security number;
  • proof of residence;
  • your paycheck or INSS payee number – the latter is to prove your link to a company / organization that has agreements with banks that offer payroll.

In addition, you must also enter your current account information at the time of hiring to receive the amount – in the case of INSS beneficiaries, the account is the same where you receive your benefit. Because of this, the checking account must be owned by the same person who hired the payroll. Finally, it should be noted that you do not need to be an account holder with the same financial institution from which you are purchasing your loan.

Why is it so easy?

What are the required documents?

In short, payroll is a modality that depends only on the contractor being able to prove a stable source of income. Therefore, it is enough to present some document that proves this income (in this case, paycheck or INSS beneficiary number) and, of course, others that prove your identity.

This way, the bank contacts the company you work with or the INSS to verify that you really have this link to them, so they can together validate and approve your request.

Will my social security number be consulted?

Will my social security number be consulted?

The payroll-deductible loan does not take into account reviews from agencies, so even those with a dirty name can apply for yours – simply by submitting the valid documents required for hiring.

Now that you have seen that it is easy to gather and present the documents required to hire your payroll, how about going to the website and doing a simulation? Our rates range up to a maximum of 2.07% per month, with terms ranging from 6 to 72 months. Do not miss this opportunity!

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