Holiday loan – how to finance a holiday?

Some people plan their holidays several months in advance, others decide to book their trip one or two months in advance. There are also travelers using last minute offers. Regardless of which form of vacation we prefer, a holiday trip is associated with costs.

The need to include travel in the home budget means that we are not always able to implement our plans – both those related to holidays and other expenses. How to organize a holiday trip with a limited budget? Is a holiday loan a good option?

Holidays 2019 – holiday plans for Poles

Holidays 2019 - holiday plans for Poles

Diners Club Polska conducted a survey showing that less than 54% of Poles have holiday plans for 2019, which is as much as 15% less compared to 2018.

35.5% of our compatriots plan to rest in Poland. Only 3.4% of respondents want to visit another continent. As much as 37% of Poles intend to spend their holidays at home.

As Monika Masztakowska from Diners Club Polska notes: “This year’s results are less optimistic. Last year, nearly 70 percent respondents planned a holiday trip. Over 41 percent wanted to spend it in Poland, while 27.5 percent. would go abroad on vacation. Compared to 2018, more people will only go to places that lie on the Old Continent, but outside the EU . “

Changes are also visible for holiday budgets. Almost half of the respondents (49.1%) plan to pay a maximum of PLN 1,000 per person for the holiday. Last year, a budget of PLN 1000 – 2000 per person was most often declared. The number of people who want to spend 2,000 – 4,000 zlotys on holiday has increased (from 14.3% in 2018 to 17.8% in 2019).

Differences in planned budgets result from several aspects

Differences in planned budgets result from several aspects

One of them are changes in the directions of trips. A smaller percentage are trips abroad, and domestic holidays can be planned with a lower budget. On the other hand, more tourists who will travel further will cross the borders of the EU, which may explain the increase in large budgets.

Another aspect is the constant professionalization in travel organization, especially independent. (…) In addition, some instruments, such as payment cards offer special amenities for travelers, e.g. package travel insurance. This allows you to organize the entire trip more efficiently and above all cheaper.

What to look for when choosing a vacation loan?

When choosing a loan to finance your holiday dreams, you should be guided by exactly the same rules as when you decide to make other commitments. Before signing the contract, you should carefully read the entire document and its attachments. Thanks to this, we will know what rights and obligations we have. If there are any ambiguities, we can ask the loan company representative for clarification.

The total cost of the loan, APRC and single installment of the liability should also be analyzed. It is also good to know what costs are associated with a possible extension of the loan repayment date. In the event that we are surprised by other unexpected expenses after the holiday, deferring the payment of subsequent installments may seem the only reasonable solution.

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