A console game loan. How much does the game console cost?

A game console is a device that both children and adults dream of. The console opens the world of virtual reality for users and can provide hours of addictive gameplay.

However, buying the right equipment is a challenge. Therefore, it is worth considering all the pros and cons of the available platforms. What to look for when buying a game console? Is a game console loan a good way to finance equipment?

Game console – what parameters to pay attention to?

Game console - what parameters to pay attention to?

Game consoles available on the market allow you to enjoy your favorite titles and provide the power of entertainment. However, before we decide to buy a specific model, we should pay attention to the technical specifications of individual platforms.

Which console parameters are the most important?

  • Games available for a specific platform – consoles often offer exclusive games. Therefore, some titles will not always be available on all models. If we want to play a specific game, it is worth to find out in advance whether it will be supported on the given device.
  • Console Type – Different types of console are available. The most popular are those that are connected directly to the TV. They are great for devices that will be used only at home.

However, if we want to use the console outside the home, mobile equipment will be a better choice. It is worth noting, however, that classic models connected to a TV set give more possibilities. On mobile consoles, you can usually only play simple games.

  • Hard disk capacity – this parameter depends on how many games you can install on your device. The larger the disk capacity, the better.
  • Features – some consoles, in addition to playing games, also offer the ability to watch movies and series, play DVDs, listen to music and use the web browser.
  • Contents of the set – some consoles come with the price of the game or accessories.
  • Additional accessories – some consoles offer additional accessories, e.g. motion controller or VR goggles. It is worth paying attention to if we want something more than standard equipment.
  • Price of the console – this parameter is of particular importance if our budget is limited. It is good to look at the parameters of the device and think about which functions of the game console are necessary, and without which we can do without. Typically, the newer the model, the higher the purchase cost. Manufacturers are increasingly withdrawing old models from production, so some of them may only be available on the aftermarket as used equipment.
  • Price of games – it’s worth figuring out how much games for a given type of console will cost.

Game console for children – what should you pay special attention to?

Game console for children - what should you pay special attention to?

When purchasing a children’s game console, pay attention not only to the parameters listed above. It is also worth remembering to:

  • the console was equipped with a parental control system , thanks to which parents will have control over what their child plays and how much time they spend on it
  • games were marked with PEGI, which indicates whether the title is suitable for a child of a certain age . In addition, the packaging should contain information on any inappropriate content, e.g. violence or drugs

A game console for children is a popular gift for Christmas, birthday or communion. It’s a way of entertainment for the whole family.

What console to buy? The most popular game console models

What console to buy? The most popular game console models

Various models of game consoles are available in stores. They differ in technical parameters, functionality and design. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The most common console models are:

  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo Classic Mini SNES
  • Xbox 360
  • NVIDIA Shield

Below are basic information about each of these models.

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