How to get a loan for an apartment?

Recent statistics show that we are experiencing a real boom in the real estate market in Poland. The Credit Information Bureau (BIK) announced that in August 2018 alone, 35.5 thousand people applied for a mortgage – an increase of 13.7% compared to the same period last year.

So you can see that Poles borrow money for their own “M” often and willingly, while banks do not have much objection to providing such financing. However, if you want to answer the question of how to get a loan for an apartment , we must remember a few key issues. So before you think of a mortgage simulation , get to know the most important parameters for this extremely popular banking product.

Mortgage. Comparison of offers and availability

There are several banks operating in our country that offer a loan for an apartment . Which, however, gives them the most and which is considered the best to make such commitments? Well, it depends not only on the bank’s offer itself, its volatility over time, but primarily on the needs and capabilities of customers. Example? Loan and Credit mortgage is perceived as one of the very favorable offers, but not everyone knows that the most desirable borrower there is a person receiving remuneration based on an employment contract of indefinite duration.

For a client who earns well or very well, but based on a civil law contract (i.e. contract for specific work or mandate contract), a mortgage in Loan and Credit may not be available in principle. A better, because real, solution for such a person will be a product obtained in a bank with less prestige, probably a higher margin, interest rate and, generally, worse repayment terms. Yes, ultimately this loan for an apartment will be more expensive, but thanks to a more liberal approach to calculating creditworthiness and, consequently, a better scoring according to the rules used by this particular facility, will give the client working on the basis of a specific work contract or a commissioning contract a chance for dream, own place.

Of course, it is worth following promotions at various banks, comparing their terms and keeping your finger on the pulse, but if you have any questions or concerns, it is also worth consulting a specialist. Let us remember that entering search terms such as “BZ WBK mortgage” or “Millennium mortgage” in the internet search engine will give us dozens of articles, opinions and entries, often mutually exclusive. And instead of expanding our knowledge in this area, we will only fall into chaos and panic, trying to combine an avalanche of information into one logical whole and find the best loan for an apartment for ourselves.

A flat for the young. Conditions that changed in 2018


As we have already pointed out, a loan for an apartment is a dream of many young people, often, unfortunately, unreachable whether because of too low earnings, because of the lack of an employment contract, or because of a combination of these and other factors, resulting in unsatisfactory scoring results and poor credit standing. In recent years, Housing Support for the Young was a very popular program.

The conditions under which this funding was granted assumed assistance in paying installments, which for many citizens who were just entering adult life had a chance for their own “M”. Unfortunately, 2018 was the last year in which one could count on this type of support. The government announced the replacement of the Youth Apartment with another program called “Apartment Plus”, which consisted, however, not so much in the additional payment of the loan, but in the construction of cheap, state-subsidized housing.

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